Wednesday, January 21, 2004

.:Train On The Track:.

I actually went and watched “Riles” (“Rail”) for today, as it was a requirement for Philosophy class. Irregardless if it was required or not, I must say that I really enjoyed the film. It may have been quite depressing because it was set in a very destitute local, i.e. those people who used to live by the railroad tracks, but the documentary/film was a very realistic slice of life. It certainly got its point across, though as I have yet to read Kant (Contrary to popular belief, I rarely do advanced reading for any subjects.), I would want to see how the whole film ties up with Kant’s Metaphysical Grounding bit. I must say that without a doubt, I’m glad to have seen the film, although for some strange reason, it did put my dedication to the things I am interested in, be it public relations or teaching, to the test. At this point, I’m simply taking things as they come, and hoping that I’d be clearheaded enough to do what I really want to do when the time calls for it.

.:Kulang Sa Pansin:.

Admittedly, Marcelle has a problem with pouring his heart out into nothingness and not getting so much as a “U SUXXORRZZ!!! HAHA LOL 1337!!!” in return. The term some people might use for him would be “Kulang sa pansin” (“Lacking in attention”), and while he is somewhat guilty of that, it would be a good idea to likewise note that he is not without justification for such a state of being. Neither is he alone on this boat, as a good deal of people Marcelle knows are pretty much the same in varying degrees.

Marcelle does not expect to be regaled with so much feedback in a day that he couldn’t take the time out to personally e-mail each and every person who did give him that feedback. What he would like to think is that he’s not the only person pumping up his hit counter, and as such, is actually being read by people. Maybe the 71 votes didn’t matter, after all, if they merely voted but didn’t even read the ruddy weblog. It certainly looks like that has happened to a great extent. Interestingly enough, the most comments Marcelle has received are from non-bloggers like his girlfriend Grace, and his best friend Abby.

Maybe this explains why no matter how he works on his content, nobody cares. So fine, Marcelle isn’t writing to cater to an audience, but the bottom line is, people should at least tell him how he’s doing. Or ask him how he’s doing. Or better yet, tell him how they’re doing. It’s been the case that for Marcelle to not lose a friend, it would have to be him who would be doing all the keeping in touch. It’s something he’d love to do, but it’s both taxing and impossible at times. Moreover, Marcelle doesn’t care if you have nothing good to say about him. It’s been pretty clear, as he even flaunts the hate mail that he gets from time to time. All Marcelle is asking is that if you actually give a flying freak about what’s going on in his bloody life, magparamdam ka naman (Make your presence felt.). Is that so ruddy hard to do? People who don’t even update one bit for five months get far more feedback than Marcelle does. See that guestbook? There’s your proof.

So Marcelle is leaving himself quite open for a smackdown right now for asking for feedback. If that be the case, so be it. That’s far better than not knowing whether or not anyone actually gives a damn.

So there. Thank you for indulging Marcelle’s vituperation…

.:Jobs Ahoy!:.

Dropped in on the ADMU Job Fair again today, this time sending in resumes to the likes of Nestle, some Coconut company, and Rustan’s. Not exactly companies that he’d really want to work in, but as they are the ones available to him today, he may as well avail of the opportunity. No reason to waste such a chance by going to La Salle for no apparent reason except to flagellate himself… what a waste of time and energy, neh?

Nonetheless, I ran into Abby there, and she was wearing glasses, since she’ll be having a shooting.

Abby: We have a shooting, so I’m wearing glasses.

Marcelle: Oh. Good for you. ::pauses:: …and, good for me.

Abby: Huh?

Marcelle: Let’s just say it’s easy on the eyes.

The conversation eventually moved to how Sach may very well be a closet exhibitionist, and how nobody would dare to call her on that. Abby ends up making me want to gouge my eyes out when she remarks that the case is the same with our department head… oh, bah Gawd. Please, have mercy. At least things were better that time with Abby. No room for pensiveness and all, actually, although my voice is still a bit worse for wear. I’m still awaiting Friday, when Unilever comes around again. I ought to be able to see how that would go. After all, classes were admittedly boring the past few days. I suppose that’s because sans the debatable topic of letting an offender off without so much as a slap on the wrist in Theology class, there wasn’t much inspiring discussion, even from Pol Sci.

In spite of that, lots of nice run-ins today. Ran into a former CP, as well as that person who was the topic of my recent post, “Who Says I Don’t Know How To Stalk?”. Mich was laughing at me when I froze as the person walked by me… talk about sheer luck. Then, Cami did me a bit of a favor by posing with a potential CP so that her picture wouldn’t seem so conspicuous… heh. It was overall an entertaining day, no doubt.

Lastly, a link that I should’ve added a long time ago: The Happy Tree Friends are now on my sidebar.

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