Monday, January 19, 2004

Quick succession of three posts... whoa.

.:Job Fair Was An Eyeful:.

Here's the scenario: Elbert and I were done with Theology class, and we had nothing much to do. We were walking around, intent on going online, when we chanced upon the opportunity to attend the Job Fair gala. So with that in mind, we went to get our letters from Procter and Gamble (As if I'm ever working for that company. My family would kill me.), and along the way, ran into Ma'am Sining. Elbert claims that Sach sounds cuter, but I'm not in the market for evaluating the cuteness of someone's voice at that point.

Anyways, as soon as I went with Elbert to Escaler hall, I ran into *jaded*, and then Dione was there. I immediately had this feeling that I will, sooner than I expect, run into one CP after another, and was I right. Charlene Chua was also there (Although I have yet to squeeze her into the ranks.), as was Diane, whom I recently had a nice conversation with. Let's just say that Diane is a very nice person, and I'm glad I managed to have her as a friend. She's one of the few people who's aware of the CP deal, and I'm glad she realizes that I'm not too inclined to take it that seriously. Wonder how the Blue Roast would turn out, though. And yeah, Jack was there, too. Pretty fun stuff, really.

.:A Rose Can Go A Loong Way:.

I was never too fond of flowers, particularly giving them. The common retort to the lack of utility flowers have is, "Hindi naman sila nakakain" ("You can't eat them."), and I suppose, I realize that's how things really are on the surface.

In spite of that, I realize the value of a rose yesterday, when I decided to relent in concession over the admittance that I may have been a bit too CP-struck the past week or so (And admittedly, yet another CP-oriented segment just preceded this one, neh?), and so when I paid Grace a visit yesterday, I couldn't resist but purchase her three red roses (While I have given roses before, I haven't ever given any red roses to any non-relative prior to Grace.), and she simply melted when she saw them. Call me a believer in the power of flowers now. Not that I intend to exploit such power for gaining favors and rash forgiveness, but I do believe that a kind gesture like that, when unexpected and not meant as a cover-up, will certainly go a long way in a relationship's longevity. Everyone and their mother knows that I'm not the most romantic jabroni in the world, so I suppose that doing that was simply out of character for me.

I would admit, though, that I did enjoy giving the roses. ::blushes::

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