Friday, January 23, 2004


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I can't believe the sheer emotional rush I got from Chobits last night. It was this particular episode wherein Chii just escaped from her part-time job of being a web diva, yet for some strange reason, all the Persocoms end up getting really funky (And nobody better spoil to me why this happened, or who's talking to Chii about her switch, but maybe why Hideki's boss' daughter is depressed about Persocoms. The last one, I WANT to know...). She then gets a more... err... respectable job as a promotions girl for a confectionery, and in spite of Chii's social ineptitude, she does the job rather well.

At the end of the day, she gets her paycheck, and she's so happy about it, because she can make Hideki happy by giving him money to buy what he wants. She hugs the manager really tight, and then...

Manager: You don't just hug anyone.

Chii: Who can I hug?

Manager: Well... I guess someone you really like.

After a few moments, Hideki walks into the store and brings Chii home. The two are talking, and Hideki tells Chii that the money is hers, because she earned it, so she shouldn't give it to him. Sweet guy, no matter how ecchi he might be. Then...

Chii: Hideki, can I hug you?

Hideki: Chii, why're you being so polite?

Chii: Hideki, can I hug you?

Hideki: O-okay.

And then they hug... (Darn. Where's the actual screen cap when you need it?)


.:More Job Fair:.

If I REALLY need a photo, I guess I can't apply for Unilever today. I could alwa ys do it some other time, though. Anyways, I've been running into people left and right at the job fair, even HER. I guess it's too bad, but if she really doesn't want to work things out yet, so be it. Still, I'm giving her the easy way out soon enough. I've nothing much else to do, neh?

At the same time, I'm surprised Lotte actually accepted my invite. I was assuming she still has some bad blood with me, and of course, I still am inclined to think so, considering how we've never spoken since about a couple of months after she broke up with Ato...

Ah, well.

.:The Top Five:.

First, feel free to e-mail me any replies at Secondly, next week's Top Five will be: The Top Five New Year's Resolutions You're Bound To Break Again. As for this week...

The Top Five Funniest Album Titles:

5. Sugar Ray- 14:59. Apparently, one second short of their fifteen minutes of fame.
4. Apo Hiking Society- The Worst Of Apo. How ironic that this turned out to be one of their best-selling albums ever.
3. Jessa Zaragoza- Phenomenal. More like "Flopzilla".
2. Aerosmith- Get A Grip. Pictured on the album's cover? a cow's udder.
1. Will Smith- All Original Hits. Does this even exist? Didn't think so, either.

Yes, short post. I'll let you jabronis digest the rest of the posts first, as I seem to have been posting a Hades of a lot this past week. I have a wedding to attend.

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