Wednesday, January 21, 2004

.:Even More Philosophy:.

I never quit, do I? As soon as regular classes with Mr. Bulaong began once again, the pace picked up right then and there. The discussion was about the nature of utilitarianism, and a few of the people were talking about its merits as something that was simply practical, while some others such as Maria, were passionately in opposition of utilitarianism if only for the fact that it dehumanizes us.

I recognize the problem with utilitarianism, but what should be clear is that utilitarianism should not always be a blanket standard. Rather, it should be used in situations where it would be apt. For instance, in law, there is no question that utilitarianism should be employed to make law fair and arbitrary. The impersonality may seem rather daunting, but I’d rather that one person is good as another in the legal viewpoint than for the legal system to play favorites (Except of course, in obvious circumstances, such as children.). At the same time, the fact that utilitarianism is impersonal likewise means there will be quite a great degree of dehumanization involved.


And it stands at this...

I am not all too confident about Philosophy in the sense that I am taking it for granted. In spite of that, getting an A does not particularly amaze me. Maybe because I feel that if I followed closely enough what a Philosopher was saying and knew how to contextualize it through argumentation, then there is no reason for me to be denied of a good grade.

Ergo, getting an A for my oral examinations with Mr. Bulaong was not the least bit of a shocker. But something interesting has had to have happened for me to write about something like this, neh (Again, I point you to the fact that I don't say an "A" is mundane because it's easy for me, but because I believe I bled enough for it.)?

The clincher is that I was only one of two people who actually hacked an A.

Even better: the other person was Mich Orosa, who is incidentally my seatmate.

I know Mich keeps on singing my praises to me until I begin to believe with all sincerity that I'm overrated, but I can't help it. I don't think any intellectual osmosis has brought about that A she got. I'd like to think it's simply the fact that I opened her up to what was already within her: a vast store of memories and reflections that would best explain exactly what Nichomachean Ethics would mean in her life.

Marcelle: Mich, from now on, I’m calling you “God”

Mich: If I’m “God”, what the heck are you?

Flattering. Immensely flattering, although I can’t help but take that merely with a grain of salt. No use getting more arrogant than I already am. :) I must admit, though, that a significant part of me, a significantly guilty and sadistic part, feels just a bit vindicated that someone else didn’t... hmmm... lest I shut down the big shot, let's stop there. Still, I’m obviously not the only one who was being perturbed…

Mich was cussing to the highest heavens out of joy, and can you blame her? Getting an A is achievement enough, no doubt, but top that off with being the only other student to get the grade? No wonder she’s pleased as punch. Nonetheless, I may as well stop talking about it. Any songs of praise for her will inadvertently point back to me, because I’m that other student in the equation… heh.

I’m exceedingly happy for Mich. She sure worked hard for it and deserves all of the credit for her grade, really. One thing is clear though with my interaction with her. Perhaps, just perhaps, I am looking more and more into the possibility of teaching after I graduate. Mich merely unlocked what was already within her, and if I really was instrumental in that, then I may have some chance at being a decent teacher, after all. So fine, I tend to joke about being a teacher merely as a means of landing more CP’s, but I’d like to think that when we get down to things in practice, I’d be turning out a little more substantial than that, neh?

Bah Gawd, I never thought I’d say this. I really, really want to teach. So many circumstances have simply been pointing me to that possibility, and yet I just don’t feel that certain about it, since I have other options open to me. Maybe I’m cut out for it, and maybe I’m not. But if the opportunity would ever present itself, you can be almost certain that I’d take it…

And I do not expect to be the paragon of virtue in anything, but…

.:Great Teacher Onizuka Rekindles My Anime Fire:.

It appears that Peppy has established quite an amusing analogy between me and Professor Onizuka of GTO. Sans the biker dude tendencies, it would appear that Eikishi’s motivations for teaching share quite a lot of similarities with mine… at the same time, in spite of his preoccupation with fine, fine high school girls in miniskirts (As opposed to my preoccupations? But you know those already…), within him lies a heart of gold, willing to do the right thing in order to help out his students, irregardless of his own ineptitude.

I am exceedingly pleased with GTO, no doubt about it. I haven’t seen too much anime since I stopped watching for a while a couple of years ago, and while Full Metal Panic did help me keep my interest in anime, It didn’t sustain it because I had little access to it, since it’s not available on regular television. Or cable television, for that matter. If anything, I must say that GTO, without a doubt, is simply an anime that I cannot help but appreciate a whole lot. Ah, well. It’s so fun, really. The whole series is so funny, especially that part where he hits a German suplex on the Vice-principal. It was sheer hilarity, and the whole setup is shades of Golden Boy to me, no doubt.

Ah, to be a teacher like Onizuka…

Anyways, aside from GTO, another anime that is obviously catching my eye right now is Chobits. It’s simply hilarious how preoccupied Hideki is with, err, breasts (Or in my case… non…). He’s so funny the way he goes, and that Chii is simply so cute, no doubt about it. This episode right now is so hilarious, as Hideki is asking Chii to purchase panties, and you can just hear her repeating her objectives over and over and over again. It’s simply hilarious. Nonetheless, you can tell that I’m enjoying myself immensely with Animax, and yes, Chobits is such a wonderful piece of work. Clamp is my all-time favorite anime company… hmmm…


.:The Unsent Series, Part II:.

I suppose it’s time I continued with the “Unsent Series”®. I’ve neglected it a bit because I didn’t want to think it over too much and lose the emotionality, so I decided to work with it only when my emotions do call for it. I also realized that if I referred to somebody in there once and wish to write him or her a letter again, I would end up using the same pseudonym. I guess that’s just fine.


Dear Misguided,

Oh, you of little faith. How could Marcelle ever accept any responsibility for this folly? It’s not like he was the fool in the equation. He valued the worth of the tie that binds, and yet you were oblivious to that fact. And to this day you wonder why Marcelle can have the audacity to sneer at you. How sad, Misguided. You know not what you have done, nor do you even know the true meaning of the word “maturity”. It’s not like you’ve really been the paragon of that, and Marcelle would not dare lay claim to such an outlandish assertion. Laugh as dryly as you wish.

Your soul may be looking for answers, and Marcelle cannot provide them for you if you refuse to listen. You know all too well his pattern: his iniquities in the great picture, you are aware of. Yet you keep your eyes blinded to the truth: that Marcelle is right, and you are sadly mistaken. For you were hasty to condemn yet slow to remember. You were quick to forget all the good, yet tardy in realizing your own faults. Ah, Misguided. You are surely deserving of your label.

May the time come that you are no longer blinded by your own shining light. Such a waste of a brilliant mind and a loving heart, to be swallowed by one’s own foolish presumptions and one’s blinded creeds. Misguided, Marcelle wishes upon you no less than enlightenment.

You sure as Hades need it.


Dear Brilliance,

How difficult it is to compromise your sheer repute with your irrefutable humanity. Indeed, it may seem that you are nothing but an aberration, yet in reality, you are a boon to all the lives you may touch. Marcelle cannot express in words the sheer appreciation he has for your presence, albeit he recognizes that you are indeed far from perfect.

Without doubt, Brilliance, you are a good friend. A good mentor at times, even. Though your winsome smile may entice the weak in the manner you wish not too, and though you may at times manifest more of yourself than you intend or realize that you are in your flimsy coverings, it does not take away your beauty as a human being. Marcelle realizes that he has no opportunity to let you know how he regards you with the utmost of respect and even admiration, and you never cease to remind him of the fact that he is indeed quite overhyped for his own good most of the time.

And maybe there are things Marcelle realizes about you, Brilliance. Things you don’t realize about yourself, even. Perhaps there are things about you that Marcelle appreciates which you may not, as it cements your humanity in his eyes, which is something he needs to realize your value as a friend and not as an overlord. And though the arcane may abound, it simply does not remove the fact that Brilliance, you are someone Marcelle is glad to be able to call his friend.

The world is in your grasp, Brilliance. And though Marcelle may deny you of your traveling boon by waiting things out, you still have so much more going for you, anyway.


Dear Torch,

And so Marcelle is back. And so he laughs with you as you tell him of your latest exploit. And he won’t begrudge you of that. Nonetheless, he realizes that you have quite reached a state neither of you ever expected to be able to. And that unsettles Marcelle even more. For now the doors are open, and yet you speak so easily of them being eternally closed. Is that the way it is supposed to be? Marcelle wishes otherwise. Marcelle prays otherwise. It is not that Marcelle shall ever have to traverse such a path, but simply that Marcelle deserves in the very least the recognition of worthiness.

But you will deny him of that, inasmuch as you deny him of any chance to be of pertinence to you for yourself, and not for him. And Marcelle realizes that it hurts to have it that way. It hurts because it shouldn’t be the case. Marcelle shouldn’t be resembling a parasite in front of you, groveling for your aid, yet never able to return anything in kind. Marcelle’s pride crushes him for such a disparity, and much as he wishes to change that, it still lies with you, Torch.

And still Marcelle keeps on fighting every day that he must burn with the flame again, as does he in every day choose to align himself with the Divine. And as such, Torch, you shall realize that only time can tell if “never” can truly be said.

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