Friday, January 16, 2004

.:Picking Up, Moving On:.

Marcelle feels a bit guilty about all that ill will from the posts yesterday, but it couldn’t be helped. Nonetheless, at least things are picking up a bit right now, as Marcelle is simply choosing to be happy at this point, regardless of what may come along. He’s been having interesting conversations with *jaded* lately, as she does seem to be coming along quite well at this point. At the same time, he did vow to cut down on the “non-breast” jokes he kept on handing to her and Sach… ah, well. Nonetheless, she’s been doing fine lately, and of course, she’s dead set for Cum Laude unlike Marcelle. Whoops, here he goes again. Nonetheless, it’s good to hear from her again, especially since her next film is coming along well.

With that in mind, it would be a good idea for Marcelle to reintroduce his weekly Top Five topic, wherein anyone who’d care to try can e-mail me their replies to next Friday’s topic: The Top Five Funniest Album Titles. Feel free to qualify why you think the title is funny, in case Marcelle is too dense to get the joke.

Funny. Marcelle ended up hanging out today instead of going straight online because he found some of Sacha’s CS students happily playing Magic: The Gathering. While he doesn’t have any cards of his own at this point, the nice thing is that he can easily rebuild his deck what with all the neat cards that came out to aid his artifact build, such as that Artifact version of Copy Artifact and that storm effect spell Mind’s Desire, which essentially will let him set his deck up faster than he could imagine. Tolarian-Stroke looks as good as ever, maybe even better even without a tinge of White in the deck. Money is an issue, though.

Pol Sci had a debate that was fairly competent, coming from non-debaters. It would appear that Marcelle has enjoyed it, although the horror of the recent long test still hovers. Hopefully, there will be room for redemption in that respect, just in case. Otherwise, Marcelle is screwed out of a Cum Laude, but that will be a bridge for him to cross when it’s worth crossing.

.:Hate Mail:.

Regarding Marcelle’s old post about the insensitive joke he cracked about Miriam Santiago’s late son, it would appear that someone has a bone to pick up with it when everyone’s already done crucifying Marcelle for it already…

Well-thought out comment? Let Marcelle answer this question by asking another one: WHAT IS IT WITH PEOPLE WHO WRENCH HIS WORDS RIGHT OUT OF CONTEXT (Obviously not the first time it's happened.)? Did the person even bother reading the context of the post before jumping to conclusions that Marcelle is an insensitive git who hates the Santiago clan with a passion? Apparently not.

The comment:

"alex was a good friend. if you feel that his mother is the personification of satan, fine. but don't take it out on him.

i know you think you're really intelligent, but i think you'd better watch what you say."

The prompt reply:

"It appears that the "Loren Ipsum" test has proved me right once again...

1. As I did clearly mention, a social taboo is a social taboo. If the only thing you could read in the whole piece is the insult and nothing else, then clearly, you're not watching what I say before crucifying me for it. I did mention that at the time, "my mouth was too fast for my brain", or did you miss that one, too?

2. And yes, in spite of the blunder, I do happen to watch what I say. That's why I pointed out my aforementioned statement was wrong. And otherwise, a "get a life" in reply to you would have sufficed.

3. I have no beef with your complaints so long as you realize that I did recognize my aforementioned statement was wrong. Otherwise, this conversation is simply moot, because you're crucifying me for the wrong reasons."

And with that, Marcelle smiles and hopes to see all you jabronis again soon…



I was hanging around after the computer laboratory in CTC closed, and I ran into Bobi, who was packing up after shooting a few scenes for the sequel to his film "Kapag Tumibok Ang Puso" ("When The Heart Beats"). The title? "Muling Tumibok Ang Puso" ("The Heart Beats Again"). Interesting scene, but I won't spoil it for now. Anyways, I guess moments of silence and opportunities for pensiveness still do not do me much good, as I spent the next hour or so in the company of Bobi and Abby, who still has a curious effect on me, albeit in a mutated form nowadays.

In spite of that, I suppose I did a fair job of not letting her catch on that I was a bit too pensive for my own good, but she'll find out about it, anyway.

Funny dialogue she told me...

Rod: Abby, kumusta kayo ni Marcelle? (Abby, how are you and Marcelle?)

Abby: Ano'ng "kami"? (What "us"?)

Rod: Hindi ba naging kayo ni Marcelle? (Weren't you and Marcelle ever together?)

Abby: Never!

Rod: Eh, sa future? Puwede kaya kayong maging kayo ni Marcelle? (How about in the future? Can you and Marcelle be possibly together?)

Abby: Never!

So fine. Maybe it's not that funny, but I guess it did make me chuckle for a while, even if it does sting... just a little bit.

Just... a... little... bit...

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