Monday, January 19, 2004

.:More Radio 1:.

In spite of the fact that I had quite a Herculean task of reading through pages and pages of annotated legal text to find something to say about the Fair Election Act and how far the media sector of society should involve itself in politics, I still had a rather interesting weekend nonetheless. One of the highlights of the weekend was the meeting I had to attend for Radio 1. Apparently, as I did find out, I’m already at Level IV which is one step away from the top level of Radio 1 members. Hopefully, I can reach that before March comes along, so that I’d graduate from Radio 1 as a Level V member. Nonetheless, what makes this even more interesting is that among the things discussed was the rescheduling of the Radio 1 show itself, which is now from 12-2 in the afternoon instead of 8-10 in the evening. I’m not so sure if that’s entirely a great thing, but I don’t mind the change at all. Nonetheless, I’m exceedingly happy that things worked out there, and there was room for a lot of comedy.

For instance, sir Raffy was harping on sir Paeng over the lack of food, so every chance he gets, he tries to include the food considerations in the agenda. Likewise, it was pretty amusing that they implemented a new “Big Buddy” system wherein if you have anything you wish to address about Radio 1 but couldn’t address it to your buddy, you could contact your “Big Buddy” instead for the help. Of course, that was wide open to the pun, “Bigger than my buddy”, which is not funny if not delivered via the spoken word… Troy from UP then chimed in that he’s going to report his buddy, Brian, for molesting him. Brian shot back, “Don’t pretend you didn’t enjoy it, Troy. Besides, you started it.” Chico was wondering why I never made them coffee. “You never asked,” I replied. Lots of funny stuff, really. Chico was pretty funny with his side comments.

Other highlights that came along was the change of Campus Central to become more interactive, although it would be interesting how the Radio 1 person would keep up with the word life when it’s a Sunday and it’s Hip 26. I did suggest to freestyle every time you go on air, but of course, nobody’s going to take that seriously, neh? ::chuckles:: Moreover, Campus Central is no longer purely tips. They also have small events now, such as “Beyblade Tournaments” (More laughter from that comment.). I commented even more, as if there are no events, one has to stick to tips, so pure tips for those from “Pamantasan ng Bekekekwa” (Bekekekwa University), to which Jojo of La Salle commented, “Discriminatory!” Troy then retorts to that with, “Look at La Salle: puro tips lang iyan!” (Look at La Salle: They’d be purely tips!). And yes, everyone’s excited over the chance to get to talk on the show more often, albeit Troy, I believe, added that you can talk, just off the mic. Sheer comedy for that meeting.

Anyways, with that aside, I’d like to remind everyone who’d care to listen that I’d be on the air AT LEAST every Tuesday (Possibly on Thursdays or Saturdays as well.), from 6 to 9 in the morning, with Chico and Delamar. The station is of course RX 93.1, and if you have internet, you can go to to listen to the webcast. Yes, I know! Shameless, shameless plugging!

.:Outside Looking In:.

And now, all I can do is wait.

I’ve spoken to HER last Saturday as well, and apparently, I am perceived to have said or done or written something derogatory to her that resulted in her still eschewing from finally returning me to “friend” status in her book. I’ve no idea what this perceived mistake is, and as such, am reduced to cluelessness as to how I could defend myself against such allegations if indeed she was not bluffing and that someone has indeed told her that I purportedly did something. Not related to her at all, but I’m pretty used to being wrenched out of context a lot already, at the same time being crucified without a trial. If that be the case with HER, then I humbly accept it. I have no reason to fan the flames with her, for I do believe she is rational and humane enough to come around eventually, unlike some other miscreants I tend to run into. And yes, Adi, the offer still stands: I have a Friendster testimonial eagerly awaiting your approval if and hopefully when you and I are on good terms again.

I know I was wrong at one point or another, and if she feels I’m not yet done atoning for them, then so be it. In spite of that, I do not believe that I should badger her for forgiveness any longer as it is a collective waste of my time and her time. Better for her to let me know when she’s ready and willing to be on good terms with me again, as that is perfectly within her power. As far as I’m concerned, I shall treat her civilly, and even regard her as a friend, if only to prove to her that I am not as vengeful or as filled with hatred as she may believe that I am. I respect her decision, but I hope she’d likewise respect my decision to treat her as a friend who deserves all the time in the world to think things over. Because unlike my subsequent transgressors, I recognize that for her, whatever I may have done or conceivably done is certainly worth this kind of grief, and so I shall grin with it and bear it. I hope that I wouldn’t have to wait to get my diploma before this gets worked out, though. I just hope not.

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