Monday, January 12, 2004

Before I get started, a new link: Re-Minisce! Hope you jabronis check out this fine, fine writer. :)

.:Saturday Was Amazing!:.

Saturday was by far a rather interesting day for me, as I trained with Chico and Delle in the morning for Radio 1. Not much as far as the on-air stuff went, simply because there really wasn’t much for me to do, what with the very few commercials that needed to be played. The fun part was actually more on the stuff we’ve been talking about off the air, although Michael Jackson’s movie role in the film that’s entitled “Ms. Castaway” definitely ranks as one of the most bizarre bits of news we’ve ever run into.

Nonetheless, it wasn’t long before we had company, as Purple and Ralph Waldo showed up in a while, and we were just talking here and there about a lot of random stuff. Chico was thinking about an answer for the Hot 10 replies when someone tells you “Will you be my phone pal?”, and I promptly fed him one…

Delle: Hi there. Will you be my phone pal?

Chico: Sure. This is Greg Turvey. May I know your name?

Delamar: Rats. Foiled again. Hmm… ::thinks to self, then in a sultry voice:: you can call me anything you want.

Delle then “rejoices” when I leave the station, and then encourages me to go for further studies abroad when I told her I was going to have my passport pictures taken. Ah, well.

There wasn’t any room for me to relax afterwards. Apparently, we had a lunch to go to, since it was my Uncle Raymund’s birthday. We went to Saisaki to eat lunch, and I sure ended up stuffing myself there. I didn’t even find the need to eat dinner afterwards, but nonetheless, things were going fine at the rate it was going. I left a little afterwards so I can go to Greenhills for the RAW Deal tournament I scheduled, and had a turnout of ten people. Apparently, Raymond (A different Raymond, I suppose you notice.) didn’t recover his Ragnarok account anymore, so he’s now playing what looks to be a better, though more expensive game: Final Fantasy XI. Pretty impressive, by the looks of it. The Javier brothers met up in the finals, one using a Premiere Smackdown Brock, the other borrowing my Premiere Smackdown Flair, who simply dominated the whole tournament. Apparently, I’ve been finding a lot of success with the deck…

What happened afterwards became quite an unexpected but exceedingly wonderful turn. Considering the fact that I was walking towards the MRT station at this point and I was about to go home, receiving a call from Kim of Radio 1 was something I did not expect at all. Even more surprising was that she asked me to pinch hit for Radio 1 on the spot! I was glad I was within the area. There is no reason for me to pass up an opportunity like this to go on the air, only a week removed from my last stint with Matrix and Trinity. I was mighty pleased when I got there, and Fran was manning the booth with Trish. Interestingly enough, I haven’t seen Trish in RX for the longest time. Anyways, I was already working the console, and playing a few songs, and while I had a few snags here and there, I was doing well, overall. The best part about it was that I didn’t have a single person with me in the booth after the first hour. Rico, who was supposed to supervise me, snuck away in the other booth to do whatever he wanted to do, so I was more or less running the whole show on my own.

It was perfect for me. I had complete control of the songs I wanted to play, so I managed to play the songs I really enjoyed listening to for the longest time, and I didn’t pay any mind to the fact that most of them were songs no longer on the current playlist, such as Unwell and Mariposa. In spite of that, I just went ahead and played the songs, and a good deal of the requests were songs I wanted to play, anyway. I ended up alerting everyone I could on such short notice that I was going to be on air in RX that very night, and I guess it was just too bad that I didn’t get to attend the OB eyeball for Nikki’s Bon Voyage party.

Being in that spot for an hour and a half was quite an experience. I did not have to mind my time because of my partners, as I had none. I could’ve spent lots of time just ad libbing my way through the show, although greeting a few people here and there sufficed, anyway. I suppose that was good enough. Managed to greet the people who were listening, especially some of my friends, and two CP’s, for that matter. It was simply amazing. It’s not everyday that an opportunity like that lands on my lap, so all I can hope is that the higher-ups of RX would actually take notice of that accomplishment I had. At the very least, I’ve established that I’m already competent as an RX dj… and I’m pleased as punch with my performance.

I know I didn’t describe it as well as I would’ve wanted to, but let’s face it: it was an electric hour and a half for me, regardless.


I got to watch LOTR: ROTK. No doubt about it, this was simply one of the best films I’ve ever seen in my life. Nonetheless, I intend to review it some time soon. I just have to reiterate: Hugo Weaving looks way too conspicuous in that film. I was half expecting to see an army of Elronds marching their way to aid Gondor. Heh. Amazing film, and I never even noticed I was seated for over three hours just watching it. I still believe, though, that given the archers of Hero, the Naz’Ghul and the Uruk’hai would never stand a chance if those archers were transposed there…

Not much noteworthy for me on this day, except for that one, so it seems. Nonetheless, I really loved the film, and I can now call Carlos something new: Navarragorn.

.:Now I Know Why I Didn’t Want To Join Friendster:.

Now that it’s too late, I realized, other than the possibility of getting addicted to it, exactly why I didn’t want to join Friendster.

You see, there’s too much history one uncovers for himself when he has a lot of time on his hands, and it’s not always good.

For instance, Marcelle ended up browsing over Adi’s profile (Who cares if she would end up reading this? It’s not like Marcelle is doing anything to her at this point.), and his spirits suddenly sunk to quite a low level in an instant. Oh, the fact that she will most likely have a boyfriend by now is merely the nail in the coffin (As she did shut Marcelle out even when he was only joking about it, though she was justified at the time.). It’s more like Marcelle is outside looking in, because he knows for a fact that Adi was a great friend for the short time they got along.

Looking at all those testimonials, looking at all those people sparing the lady such fine words, words Marcelle knows he would’ve easily dispensed to her if they were still friends, makes him feel an exceeding amount of pain for having blown that opportunity. He knows he was at fault when it all started, and just when he thought he can turn his back on the matter, he realizes that it still hurts. So much unlike losing those who chose to betray him. It is far more painful to be pointed to your own mistakes than to lose someone over their deal.

It’s hard to lose friends when you know you could’ve done something to prevent it. When you know you could’ve worked so well together as friends for the long run. And it’s so hard when you realize that the majority of the blame falls upon you, yet you’re the one who’s going through all the pain by virtue of hindsight.

And so Marcelle is stuck here again, looking for ways to shake the history off his mind. It certainly isn’t doing him any favors right now.

Talk about manic-depressive… A few paragrahps ago, Marcelle was on such a high.

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