Thursday, January 15, 2004

I'm still left with nothing to say. I'm too filled with negativity right now with that recent long test I had, PLUS this amazing mass of legal text we have to go through as though we were lawyers for a particular subject (Three guesses which one.). That, plus the fact that I'm way too much of a masochist to actually try and stop myself from looking at certain people on Friendster simply keeps me from stopping this wretched cycle. Least I could do is avoid the third person just once, as I seem to be doing it often again, which either means I'm constantly happy or constantly depressed. Guess which one I am.

I haven't spoken much to my friends on the phone lately. Maybe because I've been too busy, maybe because I really don't know what else there really is to talk about. Maybe I don't want to overdose them with this toxicity I must keep to myself for the time being. Call it self-pity or whatever else, but I'd rather just purge it out slowly and surely than swamp everyone in negative thoughts and negative posts majority of the time. I suppose that's the least I can do lest I end up depressing anyone and everyone I'd run into. I'm just grateful that the few times I talk to the people who matter, they do listen and hear me out. That's more than enough for me. If I'm boring any of you to tears right now with my seemingly non-stop vituperation, feel free to wait for a hopefully more positive post from me instead. This is a phase, I know it's just a phase...

This is Hades. I did not mean for myself to become this annoyingly grade conscious, as I'm slowly morphing into a less murderous version of Trixie Reyna. In spite of that, I just can't seem to put a stopper to it. I'd want to be brimming with positivity and be the beacon of joy for the few friends I have, but I guess if madame sky has taught me anything, it's that pretending to be mature and over things will deny you the right to be weak from time to time. So fine. I'm weak right now. I really am. I recognize that. It doesn't make me any happier instantly, but it's a bloody start.

I'm in a rut with my writing, all the same. I want to write an article on RAW Deal for Comic Images, yet I seem to be stuck in my attempt of doing it. At the same time, I have no idea what I would want to write about under my topic of choice, "metanoia". At the same time, in spite of the upcoming orals for Philosophy, you don't see any Philosophical text here lately, do you? I suppose it's bad in that respect, and I have no idea how to further myself from there.

Was studying with Jen, Mich, and Rose last night for the aforementioned subject. Not much, as far as that goes. I was just tossing out the overtly tricky technical terms we've been fed, but no need for me to really go all-out with my explanations and all.

Sacha was wearing glasses today. I suppose that's one of the few things that made this day a lot more bearable, although the "King of Masks" film for Asian film wasn't so bad, either. Anyways, Sacha was fattening the cowherd for the midterm killing, but I suppose her students all know that by now. Even Jim Imbong, who is a Comm student, knows Sacha both for being cute (And get this, Sach: he believes you need to get some.) and being a terror teacher. I guess you know now why I didn't take you as my free elective, neh?

So there. Expect a nice new return of something I used to do on Fridays. I just have to set it up...

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