Monday, April 07, 2008

Adobong Manaakkk!!!

.:Mission Success!:.

I'll post more extensively about it some other time, but the Mike Defensor party turned out exceedingly well.

I think I managed to turn some heads with the mentalism demonstration, and thanks to the poker chip effect, even the kids can appreciate a bit of mentalism now...

.:How To Cook Adobong Manakk:.

This guy had me in stitches, because you know he tried in earnest. I don't know if he memorized it phonetically or was genuinely fluent in Filipino sans the accent, but there's just something innately endearing about foreigners who try to speak the language.

My hats off to the guy. He sure made my day, and I learned a new word! Apparently, when you mix stuff with the serving spoon, it's called "sangkutsa". That's deep.

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Anonymous said...

Poker chip effect? What's that?

You playing this month btw?