Wednesday, April 09, 2008

... And The Bad. (MY PHONE GOT STOLEN)

Guys, I'm still keeping my old number, but the actual phone got stolen, and with it, ALL my contacts...

So if you're one of my contacts, and you're reading this, do text me over my Globe phone and identify yourself, or you can send me an e-mail via


P.S. I hope the person who swiped my phone dies a horrible death. Considering I even asked to BUY the phone back from him at whatever price...

.:Looking At The Bright Side...:.

As a tragedy of sorts struck me this afternoon when my phone got swiped, I felt extremely upset, mainly because I had so many contacts and memories with that phone.

What's especially painful about it is the fact that I just sealed a gig this afternoon, but the details may have been texted when the phone got swiped. Worse, since I don't have the contact's number, I have no way to confirm the booking. Gah.

Pictures with my Beloved were also eradicated completely, which is sad, sad, sad.

Having said that, though, there is some good to be had with this...

1. I'm more inclined to take this potential job offer in Dubai now... more on that next time.

2. I decided to transfer the line in my name. In doing so, I found out that my mom hasn't collected rewards for the line SINCE 2001.

3. I'm forced to do spring cleaning. As an emotional packrat, I've kept messages in my phone that did me more harm than good, and while I do somewhat feel bad about the loss, a greater part of me is relieved that it's out of my life now.

It's not 100% bad, really, but I guess now, I really will learn to back everything up by getting a phone that's data-transfer friendly.

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