Monday, April 14, 2008

Guess Who Might Be Coming Back To Radio?

.:The Radio Bug Bit...:.

... and so I bit back.

I have a lot of work cut out for me at this point, but it looks like the prognosis is promising for me.

I don't wanna jinx it, but there are currently two stations that have contacted me. Whether or not I get hired, I'm willing to go through re-training because I think I have to unlearn a lot of bad habits I picked up over the years at WAVE.

Having said that, I'm pretty pleased as punch about my prospects.

.:Without Mentioning Names Just Yet...:.

Well, I hung out at the first station that contacted me, and it felt really weird, because I just came from a date with my Beloved. It was like she's my lucky charm of sorts, and after going home, I almost immediately received two messages from two stations asking to interview me.

I sat there and spoke with the station manager, who told me that my voice needed work. A lot of work. You see, despite being part of WAVE all these years, I haven't really been trained too well, so I still, to be brutally critical of myself, sound like an amateur jock, and that's unacceptable in this station.

The thing is, I was shunted to the graveyard in WAVE to eliminate the necessity of training me. Simply put, that meant I never had room to improve, as there was nobody who could monitor me and tell me if I was doing okay or horribly. The people in this station, in contrast, told me I could improve, and are willing to help me out there. Whether or not I get hired depends on my improvement, and I'm cool with that, because I think it's time I stopped underachieving in radio. I've been in radio since I was high school, and it's time I gave back more in a place that will give me the opportunities to give back more to the industry.

Having said that, we then proceeded to listen to some auditions for a program of theirs, and I couldn't help but guffaw at some of the classic bloopers. Admittedly, I can be as bad as some of them, though, when I don't watch my diction... I guess I'm a bit of a hypocrite on that count... heh.

After staying and hearing their thoughts, they all but welcomed me aboard, if only as a probationary trainee for the graveyard. They know I still have an interview scheduled with another station, but let's face it, they also know I'd rather be at their station, when you get down to it.

That, and I'm at a point where I'd rather be trained to improve than hired to stagnate, to be honest. I don't mind a month or two of not really having a genuine salary to speak of, if it means I'd be capable of holding my own as a radio personality after years of being allowed to fester in mediocrity. I know it's as much my fault as it is my old station's, but I'm not making this same mistake again.

Look out, world! It looks like Kel's coming back r-eal soon...

.:Random Poll:.

Having said that...

Since I can't keep "Kel the Mushroom", I need a new on-air name! Any suggestions?

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