Friday, April 18, 2008

Baptism Of Fire. Sorta.

.:The Returns For The Day...:.

Just came from Station #1, where I will not be known as Kosher the Pos(h)er, and it was a blast as I reacquainted myself with the radio console. J.S. was really cool as he let me man the board while he continued his ad libs with me in charge of the console, and giving me pointers on how to make things more efficient.

After his boardwork, I was laying out the music for J.J. when he came in and told me that he was leaving so I better take over the show since he can't board. I figured he was just kidding, but I still had a panic attack anyways.

That being said, I'm very happy how that turned out. I don't really know where I go from here, but today was very encouraging.

Chances are, I'll be finding myself back in the graveyard once I go back to radio, so I have to brace myself for that.

I still don't wanna mention any specific stations, mainly because I don't wanna jinx anything for now.

.:Will Be Gone Tomorrow...:.

I'm hosting an event in Baguio. Won't be back until Sunday morning or something...

But hey, you can always SMS me and stuff...


I'm a sucker for crossovers. Really. I am.

Having said that...

I don't care what the naysayers have to whine about. If this game were true, EVEN WITHOUT FATALITIES, I'd still be all over it (Provided it's at least as good as X-Men vs. Street Fighter...)

.:My Beloved...:.

... thank you. You have no idea how happy I am to be with you...

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