Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Here Be Navel-Gazing...

.:Here Be An Account Of Yesterday's Interview...:.

So I went to an interview for another radio station, and the atmosphere there was incredibly relaxed.

For starters, the station manager was definitely different in contrast to the station manager of the other station I'm being considered for. I wouldn't say this one is better, but there's a world of difference, insofar as this station's head honcho seemed to have really taken an interest in me with the way he was looking through my resume when I entered his office.

On the other hand, Station #1's head honcho is quite the legend when it comes to radio. When it comes to being trained by the best, Station #1 definitely could offer that to me. Graveyard shifts do provide me some cause for worry though, since unlike before, I will now be coming from Katipunan, and going all the way to the Ortigas area is bound to be unsafe at 1 or 2 in the morning.

You can understand my concern on that count, I'm sure.

Having said that, not only was Station #2 interested in me as a (potential) jock (Despite a certain tiny issue that will make itself apparent to everyone who knows me when I point it out...), but Station #2 is also interested in making me sort of their PR/marketing guy, as a point person for clients when they have questions about anything.

What I like about this is that it puts me in a position to really practice multiple aspects of my Communications background, and thus gain more experience to make me even more qualified in my field.

Naturally, the drawback is that I will have to consider how holding an office job will affect my Masters. It's thesis year, and I need all the time I can muster to do my thesis decently enough for me to finish my M.A. without any hitches.

Having said that, let's play it by ear for now... Wish me luck!

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