Thursday, April 24, 2008

Second Day Joys...

.:Post-Show Hanging Out...:.

After my first boardwork for 99.5, I actually stuck around to see some neighbors, namely Grace Lee and Mojo Jojo, as well as Boom Gonzales from Magic 89.9. Yes, I stayed around for an extra 3 hours after my show, and even ended up having breakfast with Grace and Mojo after saying hi to Boom. Senator Trillanes' attorney, Atty. Argie Guevarra, was actually a guest in order to discuss the whole deal with Brian Gorrell, who is apparently a regular guest on Wednesdays. While I really don't have much of an opinion when it comes to Brian (I'm so out of the loop I thought DJ Montano was Cesar Montano's brother! Hahahah.), the description of the depravity and corruption of the Philippine justice system reared its ugly head. It's an inconvenient truth, and I know the feeling all too well.

They mentioned my mentalism on air, ala Uri Geller and the like, although they thankfully didn't go into much detail about who I actually was, and just mentioned I was a "special guest in the booth". They did this a couple of times, I think. It was really fun talking to Mojo and Grace because our topics of conversation were really all over the place, and it was incredibly amusing when Atty. Guevarra would make a pass every chance he could with Grace Lee, and he actually did this on the air.

Having said that, he apparently dated multiple students at the same time when he was teaching in UA&P, among other bits of notoriety, but overall, I found him to be a nice guy. We got a laugh out of the line, "I understand you have a boyfriend, but I'm not the jealous type."

While Grace and I have known each other since last year due to the fact that we met each other in Fully Booked The Fort, I told her the amusing story of how I actually mistook her for part-American instead of Korean. Mo Twister wasn't there, which was just as well since I've never met him before and wouldn't know how to talk to him. Mojo was really nice to talk to because he had lots of crazy stories to share, all the same. We even had breakfast someplace that had this absolutely sinful Beef Caldereta. It was a nice way to spend my first day back in radio, and I can safely say that if I end up sticking around here in Campus FM, I'll be having a lot of fun because I like the people I'm around.

Later during my show, I found out Mojo listened to the Brewrats that night and even tuned in to part of my show. How he will show up on time for his show in two hours is beyond me, given how little sleep he prolly had. He requested a song for me and asked me to greet someone, and I sneakily passed it off as "sorry, I can't greet so-and-so because it's station policy," said on the air. I had a chuckle with that one.

I think the word "mishmash" is gonna end up being added to the Brewrats dictionary. Haha. Sto. Nino, their guest a while ago, even squealed on the air about Mister Vader's escapades at six in the morning... looks like he was well-informed.

.:Before He Moves Out:.

I took some books from Elbert's hands when I swinged by his place after we had dinner. I got "Love In Time Of Cholera" as well as a few other interesting books, including an Uncle John's Bathroom Reader. Having said that, some other friends/students of his showed up and they carted away a few selections of their own as well, before we all convened at Frii Spirit and had an hour or two of Guitar Heroes III before finally heading out to our respective destinations.

Speaking to Elbert was really refreshing. I realized I was doing really well as of late, career-wise, and assuming I make the cut, I'm in a good position to do great things this year, what with Reedley informing me that I will be the moderator of their debate club...

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