Monday, April 28, 2008

I-Blog 4 Roundup... After-Party Post Coming Tomorrow...

First of all, pardon my linklove here, as it will be from memory, as far as trying to remember all the people whom I met, etc., etc.

Having said that, I know I was delinquent as I showed up at I-Blog 4 only for the afternoon session. I was going through a lot of stuff, so I felt it best to go there only after lunch. It was weird, to say the least, and even now, I still feel that the post-I-Blog activity is relatively hushed compared to last year's, but maybe I'm just not googling well enough.

This meant that with all due apologies to my good friends Jonas and Charo, I missed out on your talks...

In any case, I walked into some excellent discussions, including stuff about vlogging courtesy of Aileen and Cokski, who had an entertaining video that gave me ideas in the future, since unemployed little me ain't cutting it if I want to survive my thesis year financially healthy.

Blogging for advocacy was also touched on by Ms. Noemi, and this was where I remembered how I took part in the initial launch of the "Yan ang Pinay/Filipina" movement, where I even had the nasty run-in of having to argue with someone who felt the campaign was taking away from more "worthwhile" causes, while in the same breath not doing anything to aid the same "worthwhile" causes she speaks of.

I paid a bit of attention to Ma'am Janette on blogging about the elections, and was slightly lost in the legal jargon provided by JJ Disini. In spite of that, it was still fun, because I went there to have fun, and the only talk I could've really made good use of was Karl's, since I've been recently contemplating problogging come thesis year.

It was loads of fun, and as Sarah pointed out, my mentalism was becoming a stable at blogger gatherings, hence the whole "Blogger Boggler" business, as Rico likes to call it. Just to really try something interesting, I went for one of the most powerful effects I could do on short notice, and it was the Berglas effect: any card at any number. I made my prediction, and what do you know,it matched up quite nicely! I was originally going to ask Arbet to do the honors since he mentioned he missed out on my performances before, but lo and behold, *he* disappeared. Instead, I asked for Sir Martin, and the effect was a success.

After the event, we were preparing to head out for the 88DB after-party, and I was mildly amused to discover that they were using a magician and a mentalist as the silhouettes for their designs, which felt like such a shot in the arm for me, coming from them. But yeah, I'll blog about that perhaps tomorrow, and now, for some more link love, and if your name is mentioned but there's no link, do comment and I'll gladly add it in!

Shari and her brother, Robby.

Mike Abundo, who amazingly, didn't heckle me when some guy asked me to perform for him. Looks like the so-called flame wars are strictly kept online. Which is all fine, I guess. To be honest, he seems to be a completely different person online when contrasted to how he is offline...

Funny+Sexy, whom I met in the after-party. More on that later.

The people from The Man Blog.

Ria Jose, someone who was on my LJ friends list for years, and yet this is the first time I've met her. Yes, Miss Choi, you're not the only LJ friend I have whom I've never ever met... until now.

My table buddies, The Chicken Mafia, Jester, and Norbert, as well as other blogging heavyweights such as Manuel Quezon III, and Juned.

Friends from 88db.

And anyone else I forgot, stand up and be recognized!

Oh, and here's your moment of Zen for the day... a picture of me, choking the chicken

Get your minds outta the gutter! Yeesh.


Ria Jose said...

I was super amazed by your talent! Glad to have finally met you after all these years. :)

Janette Toral said...

Hi Marcelle. Great to see you at iBlog4 and your performance indeed keeps getting better.

philos said...

Hey there Magic Man! You sure gave us the creeps with that on-table performance of yours.

Btw, I think that chicken's about to pass out hehe... (ok so that wasn't funny in the least bit, sue me :p)