Wednesday, July 09, 2008

A Backblogging Rundown...

.:Pressed For Time...:.

Much as I'd like to split this up into several entries, I'd rather just run through the list quickly, because thanks to my hectic schedule and Plurking, I can't blog sensibly for the time being. Gawd, can't wait 'til I finish my thesis... but I'd be so much happier starting on it to begin with... :(

.:Happy Twelfth Year, Chico And Delle!:.

You know I love you guys, and anything I do in radio now, I owe to you guys! Congratulations, and more years to come to my absolute favorite morning show!

.:To The People Who Raped That Girl In PUP For Three Days...:.

Damn you pricks. Damn you all to hell. I hope you get locked in jail for life with very lonely prisoners who need a new set of bitches.

Pardon my strong language, but I feel strongly about this.

.:Hard Gay, You Rock!:.

Spent a bit time hanging out during the Brewrats the past couple of days, where I ran into Hard Gay, who was an amazing individual both in and out of character.

I'm a bit saddened by the news that he might be leaving the country soon, though... it was real cool hearing him talk, though. How he's still a true-blue fanboy of fellow cosplayers at heart, how down to earth he really is, and how much he loves what he does.

Hard Gay rocks. And he rocks hard. 'Cause he's rock hard. =P

.:They Didn't Think This Over Too Well... Or Did They?:.

Oh, look! The new Dora Aquapet Toy! How utterly cute and innocent looking and... wait, what?!?

.:Thanks, Gracey!:.

For being there as an awesome co-host and friend in the 3-6 am timeslot, I am very grateful. You're awesome!

And... oh. You still sound like Sharon Yu. =P

That's fine. Our DJ impersonations are getting more and more infamous. Just kidding! Haha.

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