Sunday, July 20, 2008

Random Nuttiness...

.:Radio Zaniness:.

From impressions to singing along to songs to playing sound-alike songs and singing the parts where they sound alike to having someone debut her singing "career", it would appear that Campus Classic Weekend brings out the crazy in me.

I boarded with Gracey on Sunday morning, and with the help of two of her friends, the show was chock full of comedy, information, nostalgia, and flat-out tomfoolery. There was just something about rapping along to Vanilla Ice, singing "Stranded" in the middle of "Everywhere", dedicating "My Happy Ending" to massage parlors, and playing out "Cool Ka Lang" to Nadya, Jack, Jaja, and Gina.

Everything just really falls into place. I'm having the time of my life with the music, finding songs I can't believe we actually have (Snow? INFORMER? ZOMG!), and even the people over at Plurk are just awesome when they give me their thoughts about the show.

Ah, well.

.:Coming Up On Mangaholix...:.

Last Saturday, Jay and I had a photo shoot for our upcoming feature in Mangaholix. It should be very interesting...

.:Summer Of '42:.

Loved this musical. Went with Elbert and Lora, and we realized this meant that Elbert left his parents alone in their condo unit.

Tsk, tsk. Kids these days...

In any case, the play was really cool, although I think I accidentally hurt one of the cast members who ran through the aisle and my foot hit his knee pretty bad as he ran at top speed...

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