Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I'd Like Two Hours Of My Life Back, Please!

.:Tonight's AudioVisual Xperience...:.

It's the first movie premiere for Campus 99.5, and in the age of summer blockbusters galore, we actually got something that's just completely unexpected.

Iron Man? The Dark Knight? Ha! They all pale in comparison to...

A flying load of grade-A horse crap!

If it weren't for the fact that I was there with blogger friends like Poyt Billycoy, and Arpee, I would've walked out on the movie in disgust. Not only was it a crappy slasher flick, it was a crappy slasher flick without any twist whatsoever.

I was especially pleased as punch though when one of Arpee's friends volunteered my name as an answer when John Hendrix, the host of the premiere, asked for some names of Campus jocks... John Hendrix then asked me to stand up and be recognized, and it made my day... heh.

But the movie? Bleh. The movie had a relatively low body count, so even as a drinking game, it wasn't particularly awesome...

Thanks to the company. Seriously!

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