Monday, July 14, 2008

The Weekend That Refused To End Finally Comes To An End...

Pics to follow, but for now, let the text do the talking...

.:Videoke Night:.

The temptation to just sing your heart out in front of an audience who will not hate you for it was just too strong, so I found myself in the company of Ria Jose, Juned, Fritz, Poyt, Billycoy, Arbet, Arpee, Markku (with girlfriend), and Jayvee (with girlfriend).

It was a Videoke Friday Night in Red Box, and as usual, I went and sang my heart out, letting go of all the crazy feelings I had hounding me throughout the day. I went the gamut of Gary Valenciano, The Cure, Ne-Yo, High School Musical, Salbakuta, and a host of other songs. It was an impromptu concert for me, although of course, I wasn't alone in singing my lungs out, what with Hagibis and Village People and Queen in on the fun.

My thanks to Juned again for the very awesome Videoke night, as well as the great food! My thanks as well to everyone else for putting up with my wannabe concert and my oddest of odd song choices...

.:The Radio Show Of Doom:.

I was a zombie by the time I headed to the station, and it was definitely going to be an uphill battle for me, as I went to my radio show and realized that contrary to what I thought, I was going to be there alone.

I loved the music and all, but not having the person I've been boarding with for the past few days did feel very strange for me at the time...

It got even more awkward when we talked around 6:30 or so, since that person showed up during the show after mine, and we had to painstakingly process what's been happening to us the past few days... it wasn't pleasant, by any means.

.:Binondo Food Tour!:.

I had to ignore the fact that I was extremely tired and depressed by the time I got to the Guadalupe Ferry Station so I can join Melo, Nina, and even Ryan, who showed up a bit late, Wait, scratch that. He showed up unbelievably late.

I had a few minutes of sleep though when I sat in the station. Nina woke me up about ten or so minutes after I dozed off. Conversations were funny, as it went the gamut of the anime community, the tour of bitterness, and other randomly hilarious topics.

We ate in three restaurants, mainly: Dong Bei, Sincerity, and Wai Ying. At each stop, we ate a ton of food, including excellent dumplings, oyster omelette, and the famous uber-affordable Wai Ying duck rice.

Aside from that, I even had seedless Kiamoy to take home, but unfortunately, didn't have the foresight to buy at least a kilo's worth. Heh.

Will write more once I have pics to borrow, but for now, it was excellent, and I'm happy about it.

.:The Quest For Rope:.

I now have 180 meters of rope for my bedroom magic shows. Can you believe it? :P

.:Capping Off With Another Solo Show...:.

And Sunday was my four-hour show that just drained all remaining energy from me. Throughout this weekend, I've barely had any sleep, so I guess I'm grateful that I managed to have people keep me company online... especially since I got to dedicate a few songs here and there, to people who just really made my day...

It wasn't so bad, really. Thanks to Kring for at least listening to a part of my show! You rock!

Friends like her do keep me from feeling horrible that I was doing the show alone for the second straight day already...

Wow. What a non-stop weekend!

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Phoebe said...

Friday was SUPER fun! Great to meet ye! :)

//phoebe aka. Jayvee's girlfriend