Saturday, July 26, 2008

Haters For The Sake Of Hatin'

.:Hatin' For The Sake Of Hatin':.

Over at the Campus 99.5 thread in Pinoy Exchange, the drama never stops.

First, we had the unenviable task of stemming a revolt by a certain group of listeners over nothing. It took them a while before they began to catch on that Campus was not marginalizing their group at all.

Then, we had to deal with the feud between this group and another small group in another station. In fact, the two competing shows guested each other just to show a united front and put a stop to it, but holdovers of the "war" is still there to this day...

And now, we have haters who miss the good ol' days when the station was still known as "Hit FM", and are pretty much of the belief that if it weren't for Campus, the station wouldn't have been reformatted. That's ridiculous, truth be told. Due to horrible sales (For whatever reason. I'm not privy to that.), Hit had to go. Campus wasn't the reason for it...

Doesn't really matter, at this point. All I know is that hatin' for the sake of hatin' is just so passe. Campus is doing pretty fine, and let's face it: when Boo Kyler of Max FM walks into your station to congratulate you for "kicking their @$$" in sales, you know you're really doing something right.

The haters can keep on insisting that this is all going to implode, but at the end of the day, they really don't know jack. They're just like those people trying to nitpick whatever they can about "The Dark Knight" just so they'd look cool bashing a movie that everyone likes.

.:My Thanks...:.

Dinner at Mang Jimmy's with MLQ3, Juned, and Arbet, as well as Plurker Bernard, was nothing short of fun. It was great talking about everything from neurolinguistic programming to the banana dance, and everything else in between.

We even had laughs at the expense of Mr. A, considering the "bacon scandal", among other things. Everyone loved the Tapa Mix, and we had our nightcap at Bo's Coffee. All in all, an excellent bonding session with these people...

I'm pleased as punch! What else can I say?

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