Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Before I get into this... have you hear about the Jasmine Trio? Good Gawd... what a commercial.

.:Vindication, Part IV:.
A Story Series by Marcelle T. Fabie

Author's Note: The characters depicted in this story are all copyright of the WWE. The storylines depicted are not necessarily reflective of the current storylines of the WWE.

Monday night RAW in Atlanta. Eric Bischoff enters the ring with a microphone in hand, and addresses the live crowd.

Bischoff: As you all know, our World Heavyweight Champion, Chris Benoit, is currently heavily involving himself with Smackdown in the hunt for their second-rate WWE Championship Title. With that being said, Chris Benoit is showing all of us where his priorities lie. Tonight, he has to make a choice.

Chris Benoit's music plays, and he comes out to the arena to a rousing ovation, belt over his shoulder. He looks Bischoff in the eye, and motions for a microphone.

Benoit: Eric, it doesn't really matter what you do to me tonight. You're not going to make me change my mind. That Smackdown Title will be mine.

Bischoff: Oh? So you mean to tell me that belt on your shoulder right now doesn't mean anything to you? Well, if that's the case, get ready to lose it tonight in a title match against. Triple H!!!

Benoit: I don't think I'm going to lose this belt tonight, Eric. You have no...

Benoit's spiel gets cut off by the blaring of a familiar entrance music. Booker T walks up to the ring entrance ramp with a mic already in hand.

Jim Ross: What gives? Booker T is a Smackdown superstar!

Jerry Lawler: Booker T looks like he has some issues with Benoit.

Jim Ross: These two men have had a long history, going all the way back to WCW.

Booker T stares Benoit down. He talks on the microphone.

Booker T: Benoit! You made it past the Undertaker last time, but you won't be able to get past the tag team round on Thursday night. You're going to go up against me and Renee Dupree. So you know what, sucka? You ain't got no guy willing to back you in the ring in the Smackdown roster. Give it up!

Benoit: I don't give a damn if it's a handicap match, Booker. There's no holding me back, and I'll give you a taste of Thursday night right now!

Benoit drops his microphone and walks towards Booker. Booker taunts Benoit, and starts getting into a brawl with Benoit, while Eric Bischoff looks on in the ring.

Jim Ross: What a pier-six brawl!

Booker T is on his back as Benoit lays some rights and lefts across his face. Before Benoit could do some more damage, however, Triple H, Ric Flair, and Batista run in and the numbers game quickly catches up with Benoit.

Jerry Lawler: Smart thinking by Evolution! Looks like Benoit won't be 100% for his match tonight!

Jim Ross: This is a heinous beatdown, folks. Chris Benoit cannot keep four different opponents at bay all at the same time!

Jerry Lawler: Wait a minute... who's that? It's John Cena!

Jim Ross: John Cena, another Smackdown superstar, is armed with a chair and drives away all three members of Evolution! Booker T is also leaving, and look at Cena! He's helping Benoit up!

Benoit and Cena walk to the back, Cena still carrying a chair just in case Evolution tries anything funny. Benoit looks at the man who aided him in disbelief.

Benoit: Hey, John. Thanks for that. I owe you one.

John Cena: No problem. I just want one thing in return.

Benoit: What?

John Cena: Let me be your tag partner on Thursday night. I still want some payback for what Booker T did to me last time.

Benoit: You got yourself a deal.

John Cena shakes hands with Chris and leaves. Benoit sits down in his locker room, then realizes the implications of tonight's developments...

Cena and Benoit are tag partners. They were good friends before Benoit moved to RAW, but now, they could potentially be going against one another the moment they make it far enough in the Smackdown tournament. Is Benoit ready to not only give up the RAW title, but also his friendship with John Cena just for this title?

The clock ticks on his decision.

To be continued...

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