Thursday, October 28, 2004

.:The Run-In:.
A Fictional Chat Transcript by Marcelle T. Fabie

Author's note: Due to the feedback regarding the story fragment “Torn”, I decided to keep the original ending of the story, instead of the twist epilogue. With that being said, this is a fictional chat transcript that picks up from where the story left off. Expect another related story soon enough, as I originally wanted a certain other story before this one, but chose against it to give some variety within the whole series. I still am looking for a name for the series... feedback on this story will definitely be welcome.


Send an IM to: paul_mendez
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mart33n: Paul? You online?
mart33n: Oh, well. Wishful thinking.

paul_mendez: ei, wassup, martin?

mart33n: Not much. I was just wondering how you're doing.

paul_mendez: oh. i'm fine. it's cold here in germany, though.

mart33n: You never told me you went to Germany. I had to hear about that from Geneva.

paul_mendez: oh, ya! silly me...

mart33n: In fact, you never even mentioned to me that you and Geneva were an item already...

paul_mendez: sorry about that, chap. but it wasnt any of your business.

mart33n: You forget that Geneva is my best friend. You forget you're also one of my closest friends, or so I thought. Come on. I think I was entitled to know.

paul_mendez: well, we figured we had to keep it under wraps. you know... we didnt want to make it too public and all...

mart33n: Regardless, that's not really why I was looking for you online. I don't really think asking for reparations over that is the least bit important. I understand.

paul_mendez: i knew you would. so whats on your mind?

mart33n: Why'd you leave Geneva?

paul_mendez: you know I always dreamed about going to germany.

mart33n: Even then. I thought you loved her. I mean, come on. The girl is heartbroken!

paul_mendez: look, mart. i didnt want to do it that way. but i had no choice! its not like i won't go to germany if she didnt want to go with me.

mart33n: But... why not give it time? Maybe she'd come around...

paul_mendez: i thought you were geneva's best friend? you ought to know as well as i do that shes a career woman. she wont do that for me. no way.

mart33n: Do you know that she was an emotional wreck when she talked to me about it? She loves you. She was half-considering following you to Germany already!

paul_mendez: but... i just dont know... it feels weird coming back so soon... im still in the process of job-hunting here...

mart33n: What is wrong with you, Paul? Quit digressing and get to the point here! You love Geneva, right?

paul_mendez: of course!!!

mart33n: Then swallow that pride of yours for once and do yourself a favor: come back!

paul_mendez: why are you doing this? i know you liked geneva all these years. if i may be a bit candid, that's why i was initially aloof towards you, because you were competition.

mart33n: You're digressing again, Paul. You know that all I'm after is her happiness. She's happy with you, she's miserable without you. That should be clear explanation enough why I'm doing this, and...

mart33n: Hmmm... hold on a moment, Paul.

paul_mendez: ok.

Send an IM to: genevacortez104
=) genevacortez104 is now online

mart33n: Hey, genevacortez104! ;) Glad I finally caught you online!
mart33n: You won't believe who I caught online. It's Paul!
mart33n: I think he's coming around already. Maybe he wants you back... >:D<
mart33n: Err... Geneva? You there?


genevacortez104: Oh. *giggles* Sorry about that. I was... occupied. Hello thre, mart33r...
genevacortez104: Weird computer. I meant, hello there, mart33n... *grins*

genevacortez104: Haven't heard from you in a while. Thought you were avoiding me since the last time you refused to sleep with me over at my place. *winks* I'm kidding, of course.

mart33n: That's fine, Geneva...

genevacortez104's status is now: Busy, busy, busy! Pffftt...

mart33n: Oh, well...

Send an IM to: paul_mendez
paul_mendez appears to be offline and will receive your messages after signing in.

mart33n: Sorry about that, Paul. I just caught Geneva online.
mart33n: Now's your chance! Talk to her! Maybe the two of you can work something out!
mart33n: I hope you guys can work this out... I really do... She's on busy status, but I'm sure she won't ignore you.
mart33n: Uhh... Paul?
mart33n: Yoo-hoo!


mart33n: Oh, well...

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