Friday, October 22, 2004

.:White Chicks:.

I’m thinking about reviewing “White Chicks”, but I currently don’t feel like it. Maybe some other time… but I think it gets at least a B/B+ from me. The comedy was fine, but too much toilet humor didn’t work for me. I think writing film reviews lately hasn’t been so appealing…

.:Sort Of Inspired:.

Two new poems going around in my head: one is titled “Un”, the other “Re”. Never mind. I’ll show you jabronis when I get around to writing it.

.:Farewells Aren’t Always Sad:.

I hung around the Philosophy department after a while of dilly-dallying at the house. Soon enough, things turned out interesting despite my bad headache when we mobilized to Trellis for the farewell dinner for Mr. Callassanz (Who gave me a copy of Lady Chatterly’s Lover. Thank you, sir!) and Mr. Bulaong. Mr. Callassanz will be gone for about a year, while Mr. Bulaong will be gone for at least two.

Trellis was actually an old hangout during the 1980’s, akin to how Eastwood is the place to be nowadays. Dr. Ibana knew about it, my mom knew about it. That proves my point. Anyways, the food was great. Mostly beer match food such as sisig and crispy pata, so I really enjoyed eating. The sisig could’ve been toasted some more, though. It’s much better that way.

Lots of the department were there, although Ate Maan, the other secretary, wasn’t there. Her partner in crime, Kuya Jomel, was constantly being asked about her whereabouts. What’re they? A love team? =)

Dr. Dy, though on sabbatical, was present. So was Dr. Garcia, who was the social butterfly of the night.

Our table had the people with the biggest appetites, though. Any excess food went to us. That was the table composed of myself, Kuya Jomel, Albert Lagliva, Andrew Soh, Mr. Strebel, April Capili, and Mike Mariano. Huge appetites on these people… heh. And the comedy was top-notch. Lots of talk about children, and then Andrew said something which made for interesting news later on…

After the dinner, we then had some interesting short conversations afterwards, and apparently, I was beginning to have a reputation as a “brutal” teacher with how I loved asking trick questions during the orals in between all the “beauty queen” questions…

Mr. Bulaong: Sir Enyeng, brutal ba si Marcelle magtanong?

Marcelle: I’m nice…

Dr. Barbazza: Dinig ko nagpapaiyak iyan ng estudyante, eh. Kabagu-bago pa lang

I'm going to miss these guys when they leave... It won't be quite the same without them around...

Afterwards, I went homeward bound, but chose to spend an hour online before going home at the internet rental center near our house…

.:The Impromptu Planning Committee:.

So there I was, and I ran into Sacha online. Soon enough, I got myself invited to a conference discussion between myself, Tita Harvey, Sacha, and Dominique.

Interesting snippets happened, especially since while Tita Harvey was talking to me about my fifth anniversary, she was giving Ching’s office address, which proved hilarious as she inadvertently sent the information to me instead…

But then…

voldemort02: Good evening, Dominique.
dominique_cimafranca: Hullo, Marcelle.
harvey_chua: Good evening, Marcelle.
voldemort02: Good evening, Mrs. Chua.
harvey_chua: My daughters’ friends call me tita.
voldemort02: Sorry, Tita Harvey. Force of habit.
dominique_cimafranca: *Dominique stifles uncontrollable laughter*

Mental note: get used to calling her Tita Harvey…

Anyways, “planning” as it were didn’t last long, as she logged off, and Dominique followed suit, soon enough, and that left me and Sacha, and I still had a few minutes of internet time left.

voldemort02: What can I tell you in five minutes?
sachachua83: *giggles* Don’t worry about it, Marcelle.
sachachua83: *hugz* I’ll still be here next time, you know.

voldemort02: Yeah… by the way, a good friend of mine baked a cake for Grace for our anniversary. It was so loaded with chocolate!
sachachua83: You’re mean. That’s not fair.
voldemort02: Gyeh? Mean?
sachachua83: Yes. Mean. You call talking to me about chocolates like that fair?

Later on… the really funny conversation began…

voldemort02: Andrew Soh speaks of you in the department...
sachachua83: *blink* Like?
voldemort02: Of course, once he asked me why I knew you so much, I had to give the safe, non-sticky answer.
voldemort02: That you were batchmates. Not much beyond that.
sachachua83: What, you're ashamed of being one of my friends?
voldemort02: No, Sach.
voldemort02: I gave the safe, non-sticky answer.
sachachua83: *sniff* And to think we have almost weekly get-togethers...
voldemort02: You do know what that is, right?
sachachua83: What's so sticky about that?
voldemort02: Or don't you?
voldemort02: I figured as much.
sachachua83: If that's how you treat people you've slept with before... ;)
sachachua83: Don’t tell him about that part, though. :P

I was laughing my head off with this one… it just sounds so wrong, especially coming from her.

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