Wednesday, October 06, 2004

.:Guilty By Association:.

I just noticed that company you keep really makes people have preconceived notions about you. It's not always bad, really. At times, it even gets amusing.

For instance...

- Hanging around Peppy and Sacha and other such people has resulted in people assuming that I'm a computer geek.

- Hanging around my colleagues in the Philosophy department make people assume that I'm such a brilliant academician.

- Hanging around Peppy and Jason makes people think I'm gay. ::just kidding::

Seriously, though, it's an amusing observation.

.:More On The Meeting:.

Remember yesterday's meeting, and how Anne was seething about the "Wicked" party from JAM? When Robi went on air that day...

Robi: We're packed here today. Just getting together, really.

Marcelle: Yeah. It's Wicked!!!

The other jocks were audibly laughing after that one... heh.

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