Tuesday, October 26, 2004

.:Everyone's Invited:.

People who can, see you at Metrowalk East in Ortigas this Friday, 8 PM, for the WAVE Strange Encounters Halloween Party. Creepiest costume wins 10,000 pesos, and there will be a film viewing, and the piece de resistance, a magic show by the Stranger himself, Mr. Eric Mana.

Hope to catch you people there. Let me know in advance, and I'll gladly entertain you. =)


hey.. im not sure if you know me.. im the friend of jeff dayrit... you guys play magic in the bench, anyway, id really like to thank you for your weblogs. im sure a lot of people benifit from it. i had mr. bulaong last sem and surprisingly i got a B+. your weblog really helped big time. id just like to say thanks :) goodluck with your teaching career :)

- Kara

Apparently, my answers to Mr. Bulaong's thesis statements still make the rounds. Wonder how they got it, though. My curiosity is killing me... heh. I don't remember telling Mr. Bulaong's current students about it... heh. Very interesting development, as far as I'm concerned...

.:Welcome Back!:.

Welcome back, Madame Jess! Glad to see you're back! Wish I'd see you again soon... :)


Five revolutions do take their toll on me. Sigh... I wish things were easy, but there are just too many signs pointing for me to take another road in the next five revolutions. I hate being cryptic about this, but I have to.

It's not right. It's not fair. But then, what can I do?

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