Thursday, October 07, 2004

.:And There Was Silence:.

by Hajji Alejandro

Walang tigil ang gulo
Sa aking pag-iisip,
Mula nang tayo'y nagpas'yang maghiwalay;
Nagpaalam pagka't hindi tayo bagay,
Nakapagtataka (hoh hoh)

Kung bakit ganito
Ang aking kapalaran;
Di ba't ilang ulit ka nang nagpaalam,
At bawat paalam ay puno nang iyakan?
Nakapagtataka, nakapagtataka

Hindi ka ba napapagod,
O di kaya nagsasawa,
Sa ating mga tampuhang
Walang hanggang katapusan(oh?)

Napahid na'ng mga luha,
Damdamin at puso'y tigang,
Wala nang maibubuga,
Wala na 'kong maramdaman (hoh)
Kung tunay tayong nagmamahalan
Ba't di tayo magkasunduan? (oh hoh hoh)

Walang tigil ang ulan
At nasaan ka araw?
Napano na'ng pag-ibig sa isa't isa?
Wala na bang nananatiling pag-asa?
Nakapagtataka, saan na napunta?

Hindi ka ba napapagod,
O di kaya nagsasawa,
Sa ating mga tampuhang
Walang hanggang katapusan(oh?)

Hindi ka ba napapagod,
O di kaya nagsasawa,
Sa ating mga tampuhang
Walang hanggang katapusan(oh?)

Kung tunay tayong nagmamahalan,
Ba't di tayo magkasunduan, oh hoh ho hoo?

.:Crazy Day, But Gratitude First:.

I didn't go to work today because of all the heavy stuff I have to do for next week. Final papers, oral exam reviews, and so forth. Still, I was mighty pleased over yesterday's new notes... I got a very nice letter from Tsumenki, one of my very close friends, and I finally got Sacha's postcard. It was fairly interesting, to say the least...

I'm glad you practically insisted on being friends with me... you know what you want. Do it.

::sighs:: I know what I want. I just wish I knew the answer to a different question... You have no idea, Sach. You just have no idea... but I'm thankful you gave me such useful advice, nonetheless...


Finally got introduced to Dr. Reyes. Took me long enough to know the last senior professor in the Philosophy department... heh. He thought I was a girl because of the way my name is spelled...

Then, Regis, my potential manager, called me up about an audition. Let's see how that pans out.

.:A Shark's Tale:.

Went to Glorietta to do a bit of card-hunting. I ended up watching Shark Tale with Ranulf, Dominique, and Grace, but the interesting thing was that I finally managed to meet Tsumenki after all this time. We just spent our time talking with one another. We were just catching up with all the goings-on in one another's lives, and it was really refreshing to hear from an old friend again. She was even there when I was trying that sword game. I really enjoyed it, and my old Dance Maniax skillz are still good enough... heh. Tsumenki's been very busy, and I'm glad that she seems rather happy with work. I just wish we had more time to spend to hang around with one another, but that's all really just wishful thinking at this point...

In any case, Krisette and Herbs were supposed to watch with us, but then, it didn't happen since Krisette had a nasty run in with bad food or something to that effect. She ended up getting an upset stomach. Oh, well.

The film was fun. We were laughing our heads off at the pop culture references throughout the film, although I missed the first part of the movie because Grace got to G4 rather late. Still, it was a pretty good film, to say the least. I really liked how the whole thing turned out, though sometimes, Grace's lack of punctuality can be a mite annoying...

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