Wednesday, October 20, 2004


My wholehearted thank-you to Ma'am Sining who sent me a postcard from Switzerland! I was pleased as punch to hear from her, and I'm glad she remembered my birthday.

I'm also grateful to Jonsi for likewise sending me a postcard. I'll post part of the contents some time soon, if it's cool with him. It's really fun what he had to say... something about the best Chinitas being all here in the Philippines... that postcard was unexpected, but a welcome surprise, nonetheless. I was surprised he remembered. :)


My brain feels like mush. Guess why…

I’ll give you a hint. Just don’t call me Betty.


Vince McMahon: 7 Handsize, 4 Superstar Value. You may pack RAW and Smackdown cards. You cannot play a non-foreign object maneuver unless it is a 0F maneuver. Your cards titled “No Chance In Hell” are considered set-ups and ignore the “from opponent’s hand” text. Your opponent cannot play any cards with the word “Vince” in the title.

Don’t Forget Who Pays Your Salary!: Reveal this from the Backstage area, with your superstar card. Search your arsenal for the card titled “Don’t Cross The Boss” and place it in your ringside pile. Your fortitude value is always considered to be lower than your opponent’s fortitude value.

Vince McMahon is really promising. This ought to be good.

.:More Things To Consider:.

Had a long chat with Erika Canlas today. Fairly interesting, to say the least. High school life certainly had its merits, and being friends with some of the greatest people in Don Bosco Sta. Mesa was certainly one of them. Topics were rather diverse, but enjoyable for the most part…


I’m now part of the 7th Realm forums for Magic. I hope the not-so-subtle hint I saw regarding me in one of the posts doesn’t indicate that my sudden entry into the forums is not a welcome development to Mondu and the others… they didn’t seem to want to talk about my match result with Mondu in the first match… that’s odd… I don’t think I did anything that should be considered offensive, and the Kamigawa deal was an honest oversight…

.:Solo Again:.

I was swamped with multi-tasking, but I managed to hold my own… heh. George was out, so I had to take over the boardwork. Needless to say, it was rather… stressful…

Tomorrow, as Robi is out again… gakk. Even more stress.


Finally have the Monday Night Wars on me! Yay.

Calculated grades for Dr. Ibana today… it was interesting. Nobody got an A at all. Even more interesting, Vivian Ng volunteered to help compute the grades, although of course that didn’t push through. Now wouldn’t that be nice… heh.

Afterwards, I had dinner with Dr. Ibana in Max’s. We talked about future plans, and there’s a chance I might not be teaching in Ateneo or be a teaching assistant by next year, given the tight competition going on. I’m underqualified in contrast to the other Philosophy majors who are applying, so that poses a problem. If that be the case, then I have no recourse but to take another job while continuing my DJ work and my studies…

Which brings me to the possibility of considering Binswanger again. I got in touch with sir Bullet, and we’re having coffee on Thursday in Makati. Hopefully, I can send out feelers if I’m welcome there by next year if in case I don’t land the T.A. job. Otherwise, it’s time to also consider that thing with Regis… as soon as my braces get removed, that is. Not being a T.A. means I have more time for this one, and the income is fairly good, and it shouldn’t be more than three years of this at most… isolated days of shoots and all… hopefully…

So there we go… Dr. Ibana gave me more information than I needed to hear, though… about certain people he courted in Ateneo. Did I need to know that? :P

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