Monday, October 11, 2004


Fairly uneventful weekend for the most part. Friday night was frustratingly capped off by my going to Grace's house, only to find out that she wasn't around. I was mildly annoyed, but at least her sister is already now a proud mother. That's rather great, all things considered...

I was supposed to meet up with JayBee last Saturday, but opted not to do so in favor of finishing some work I backlogged all this time, in addition to the need to review quite a deal for my oral examinations on Monday regarding Martin Heidegger. It's not easy to say the least, but that's no problem if I put my mind to it.

I have to admit I was severely amused and surprised at the “quality” of my work for Fr. David's class, though. It's fairly clear that I was merely coasting along and doing stuff just so I can actually make the grade. You'd prolly find it funny what comes out of the whole paper soon enough... crazy assertions, and even this:

All these malpractices are clearly an indication of imperfection and shortcoming, but we cannot allow that to undermine what good we see, if we are not going to use it, if we are too scared to choose it. Truly, this is happening for a reason, and this might just be the wakeup call this country actually needs.

Now... Isn't that quite... familiar? ;) Or am I the only Code Red fan around here? Heh. Let's see how many more lyrics we can get away with... cleverness, not virtue. I'm sure Fr. David would be disappointed... if he actually reads the paper.

.:Do You Like (Word Omitted) Bunnies?:.

Annoyingly enough, this is the third time I bought this game, and I still can't get it to work. Twice, it's the Part II CD inside the Part I CD case. Mislabeled, to say the least. Rather annoying, but I'm definitely having this disc replaced. It's not that it's not working, but the fact that since it's the Part II CD again, that means I have two working copies of the game...

In any case, the sequel is nice, and one of the few games that actually has animations. Now that's impressive...

.:The Senti Box®:.

I keep two "Senti Boxes": the first one contains letters, the second one contains pictures.

I guess some of my friends have already seen the second Senti Box, but I don't recall anyone really seeing the first one recently, as its contents have greatly increased somewhat.

As I went over the first Senti Box, I realized how much things have changed over the years, and yet some things are irrevocably the same. I was looking through old letters... letters from Grace before we became a couple (She was sweet even before we got together. I don't think anyone was that sweet to me... ever.)... letters from Abby way back in high school (The animosity was unparallelled at the time.)... letters from Reinne (Just two. One was how happy she was to be my best friend. The other was how much she regretted it. Funny how that goes.)... one letter from Sacha (About how much she enjoyed my company. Never really changed, neh?)... and a whole bunch of other letters from friends past and present. Even ex-friends ::coughLottecough::!

The letters were an enjoyable experience, regardless of how painful or vile the content of the letter may have been. It was just a time for me to really ponder about stuff that has happened in the past. Evolution, so to speak, has its merits to me that certainly transcend the manifest.

In a flush of nostalgia, I SMS Abby about finding the letters and reminiscing about the past. Then, the prompt reply that brings me back to the present...

Hmmm... I have your letters, but I don't think I'd like to go through your... ehem... penmanship... That was quite a turbulent time. Haha! =)

Oh, well. ::sheepish grin::

In any case, I have a couple of interesting songs in mind. Too bad I forgot both of them, so it seems... one's an OPM song, another is a song I heard this morning on RX. It'll come to me. Really relates a lot to me as of late.


Today's oral examinations were a blast... whether the ones I administered, or the ones I took. One of them was marked by a classic line from Dr. Ibana, as I entered the room in the middle of a student's examinations...

O! Ikaw naman, okay na yung orals mo, eh pumasok lang si Marcelle, hindi ka na makasagot!

There was also this student... I think it's Janina Millan. She was brilliant. I was really impressed with how she carried out her orals, and I think she showed a good deal of promise...

And my finals was mostly about Gelassenheit, The Thing, and The Origin of the Work of Art. Fairly good. I enjoyed all that...

I can't wait for tomorrow's orals.


I miss you so much. But I'm happy for you.

Every single time I feel the crunch of the academe coming down on me, I realize that I no longer have anyone to run to. I miss you all the more because of that.

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