Monday, October 25, 2004


I went to Madison in hopes of watching yesterday's Vintage Magic tournament. Unfortunately, it turns out that the tournament was actually in Glorietta, so I instead decided to go to Megamall to play NBA Live... I love the slam dunk competition. I need to work on catching Alley-oops and completing 360-degree dunks, though...

.:At Long Last:.

Due to all the things that have been harassing me lately, I cannot write any film reviews for the time being. Needless to say, I really enjoyed the Punisher, and immensely got amused with the witty dialogue in the film. The comedy was actually very well-timed, and in contrast to Daredevil, particularly funny. I really liked the part where Howard Saint was asked by his son where the right-hand man Quentin was, and Howard said “He's wrapped up in something”, then when asked about the mother, he says, “She left. She took the train.”

If you saw the film, you'd get the joke.

The killer was the final confrontation, though...

Castle: You took everything from me.

Saint: You killed my son!

Distant Voice: Noooooo!!! *explosion*

Castle: Both of them.

Sheer genius... this film is worthy of an A-/A for me... could've been a flat A, but I think that if the kid in the film was smart, he would've detonated the mine before Castle left, so that the both of them would die already. Dumb kid...

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