Saturday, October 02, 2004

.:Clear Out Teh Backlog:.

Yes, the “spelling error” is deliberate. I never make spelling errors by mistkea.

Had a short date with Grace last time, but nothing much happened. I had a lovely dinner at her house, though. I love those shells we were eating. I don’t know how to pick out the meat from the shells too well, but it was all good. Grace really was wonderful, as I know we were both having bad days, but we managed to overcome that eventually…

In any case, while I was hanging around in Philosophy 104 class last Thursday, it turned out that a bunch of students didn’t have their papers, including a student named Vivian Ng. Yes, she’s one of three really… err… fetching students in the class. The one that just takes the cake is not only taken though, but seems like an airhead. I guess you can’t have it all.

Anyways, Camillo and I have again neglected to pay attention to Dr. Ibana’s lectures, and were talking for the most part. He was telling me that he didn’t like the “kreme” in donuts, which led me to wonder why. Camillo then points out that it’s not the taste, but the texture, and then I tell him to get used to it. ;) He then screams his trademark “Ang baboy mo!”, and then he looks at me and asks, “Eh Jericho (Rosales) kreme, wala?”. Gakk…

Then, I told him that I found out that I’d still have a partner even if he leaves next semester. He then, by process of elimination, finds out that my partner would prolly be someone named Jackie, and she’s apparently very Chinese-looking. She’s not used to Filipino, though. I told Camillo I’ll handle that.

Obviously, Camillo didn’t find that very comforting, as he was friends with Jackie. Fearing the worst, he gave me three rules on Jackie…

1. Kausapin ONLY about class matters.
2. Tingnan KAPAG meetings and ONLY because of class matters.

Yes, he wrote that. And he also predicted that when I go to jail for my… illicit practices (Ha! As if I’d do that…), he wouldn’t be the least surprised, but he’d be surprised if Joy ended up with a reputationf or wearing miniskirts.

I think I scared one of my students, though. We were talking about the “special oral exams”, and why I’d be very vicious towards Chinese girls, and then he ended up being intimidated about the “dartboard grade” principle…

.:The Dialogue:.

I just found this exchange funny.

First, the good news: Videoke is part of tonight’s agenda for the party. I managed to estimate Kathy’s generosity right, and she gave us the go signal to borrow the Magic Mic from their house, although I naturally had to ask her mom first.

So I called Mrs. Chua up, and realized I really can’t call her “Tita Harvey” to save my life, and my eloquence level went down significantly while talking to her.

When I told Krisette about this, first thing that came to mind, albeit jokingly, was…

Potential in-laws must scare you.

Uh… maybe not.


Finally joined my first-ever Magic: The Gathering tournament after eight or so years of playing the game. In any case, what was very interesting about the whole thing was that I managed to really come up big and win the tournament with my Control Slaver deck, even almost managing a sweep to assert my victory. It wasn’t easy, but neither were the top-tier T1 players all there. I counted only one other real T1 player, and I managed to get lucky against him with my Weldslaving. In any case, it was all good.

… except that I hurt my wrist severely. I think my shuffling was too vicious in some respect, and it ended up spraining my wrist so bad that I couldn’t even hold my cards by the end of the tournament. I was lucky I ran into my mom, though, so I got both a free ride home and some medicine for my wrist. Feels a bit better now, but I’d be watching my shuffle from now on.

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