Thursday, July 12, 2007


.:The Luckiest Day Of The Century:.

July 07, 2007, was Hrb's birthday, and it was spent at the Chua residence in Bautista, where the only four people in attendance were myself, Kathy, Krisetten, and of course, the birthday boy, Hrbs. This night was marked by drinking, awesome food, and lots and lots of videoke. While Kathy did have a few rants to get off her chest, the celebration was overall really great.

In any case, happy birthday to Hrbs! I know he really enjoyed his birthday, and so did the rest of us. That was *not* a night for serious videoke, as we just attacked the tackiest, the cheesiest, and the weirdest songs available to us.

Here's hoping that when Kathy goes to Holland to see her boyfriend's family, she takes the Magic Sing along with her. Wouldn't that result into a lot of hilarity. Heh.

.:Taking An Eternity!:.

I ordered a truckload of magic stuff online, but it's going to take at least five more days of waiting...

Kel is a sad panda.


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