Tuesday, July 03, 2007

More Than Meets The Eye...


Since I'm pressed of time and I can't write a full review, I can do one of two things...

1. I can act like a self-absorbed fanboy and whine about how the film was "not like the TV series at all", or...

2. I can just rave at an awesome movie and revel in the uberness that is a Megatron voiced by Hugo Weaving.

That being said, I watched the film with my Beloved and some of her friends from her school, so it was definitely an interesting night, to say the least, as it was effectively a triple date of sorts.

That film was just perfect, and being with Rowena on a Saturday night definitely was made of pure win.

Anyways, there isn't anything I need to say about the film. It was great, it was a fun romp, and it was even funny.

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