Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Speaking Of Class...

.:Tsk, Tsk...:.

So apparently, Mr. Calasanz was telling the department that someone in his class bent forks for him as a magic effect.

Curious peopel asked about it, and which student did this, and of course, Mr. Calasanz told them that it was a certain Marcelle Fabie. ;)

And then there was silence.

What that means, I'd hate to make assumptions about. =P

.:On Wonder...:.

I didn't even know that NAWASA no longer exists. Truly, you learn something new everyday.

Chalk one more up for wonder!

1 comment:

yatot said...

hi there! aren't you surprise that NAWASA is long gone already! hahahha... seriously? 6(o_0)

remember me from the MoA event? hehehe just bloghopping here!