Friday, July 20, 2007


.:A Dissertation Idea For The Future…:.

Mr. Calasanz put it succinctly. If I wrote a thesis about something I’m *too* passionate about, then I may never get to finish it. It would be best to instead write a thesis on a topic I can do competently, then save my idea of magic and Philosophy for a dissertation.

Besides, at this point, I still don’t know what approach to take such a writing task, so saving it for a dissertation would give me the latitude to think what concepts and thinkers work best with forming a Philosophy of magic.

If not that, then it’s back to the old standby of Philosophy and something from Communications, preferably film, but I’m sure that in contrast to the former, the latter has been done more than a few times already.


Apparently, GMA-7 is now showing “Meteor Garden”.

Huh? What the heck? This is the third time this series is being shown around, so it boggles the mind why they bothered getting the show from ABS-CBN to begin with.

Why? B-buh?!?

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