Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Congratulations To The Senator Of Maguindanao!

.:Congratulations, Migz!:.

I’m glad you won, despite the fact that delicadeza would’ve been a better victory for your career in the long run.

I’m glad you won, because you now open the eyes of the blind administration backers who think that just because GMA is not an Erap, she is by default a better leader, or that her handpicked allies would be more of the same.

I’m glad you won, because it just shows how desperate you are, that you would gladly partake of the dubious votes that cost a Maguindanaoan whistleblower their life, all because of trying to do the right thing.

I’m glad you won, because you’re a slap in the face of all the people who did their best to make their voices heard. Everyone knows how much I leaned towards the administration during these elections, as these were the names I actually wanted to see in the Senate:

1: Arroyo
2: Recto
3: Villar
4: Pangilinan
5-7: Ang Kapatiran
8: YOU!

Believe it or not, I actually wouldn’t have minded seeing even Pitchay win, and bless him, he at least knew better than to insist that he had a chance of winning when he knew he didn’t. Villar was the only opposition candidate I cared for, and considering how conflicted I felt about Cayetano and Escudero and Roco, I simply eschewed from talking about them. I didn’t want another Gringo in Trillanes, but seeing him win actually made me smile, knowing where the public’s heart lies. Not everyone who wants to call out GMA on her transgressions wants Erap back, you know.

I wanted you to win, Migz. I wanted you to win because I remembered how well you worked as a Congressman, and how you seemed to be the kind of new blood the Senate needed to help it move forward instead of attempting to bicker amongst themselves on how best to oust GMA.

But now that you *have* won, I cannot but help think how hollow this victory is, and how it completely misses the point why I wanted you to win. Why would I care for a lawmaker who willingly looked the other way as lawless people paved the path to his seat, a seat that Koko Pimentel should be holding right now? Your new blood is no different from the mongering blood the senate currently has, and your blood is tainted by the murder in Maguindanao that was carried out for your benefit.

I don’t care how much money you spent on your campaign, because if your intention in winning was to “recoup” your expenses, then you have no business winning at all. I quietly watched as the kangaroo decision declaring you senator was railroaded, and I sincerely prayed you’d have the decency to simply concede and try another day. A supposedly upstanding man as yourself should’ve known better than to take a tainted victory when a more rewarding moral victory was clearly in your grasp. Hades, if you decided to make public service ads about such a “sacrifice”, I wouldn’t have resented you for it at all, even if you did it from now ‘til the next elections.

But you didn’t.

And so I’m happy that you won, Migz. You give hope for all the unscrupulous people in the veiled promise that your tenure in the Senate will erase the stain on your career of a victory tainted by murder and deceit. You are a shining beacon to all the cretins out there that indeed, the end justifies the means. That you will make so many wonderful laws and become so excellent a senator that sooner than you can say “Koko was robbed!”, people will forget what an insipid and desperate brat you are, clinging to a hollow victory because you invested so much money in your campaign. Hmm… you don’t plan to get that money back through your tenure as a senator somehow, do you? Tsk, tsk.

But I won’t forget. And neither will the people who give a damn about the democratic process, all of whom you and your cohorts shortchanged with your tainted victory.

Congratulations, Migz! Take your Senate seat, shine it up real nice, turn that sumbitch sideways, and for the fans of the Great One the Rock, you know the rest.

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