Tuesday, July 03, 2007



Met up with my Beloved yesterday, and it's definitely unbelievable how long we've lasted, amid all the problems.

Nonetheless, we just hung out at Shang-rila for the most part and then had a bit of arcade fun as we played Time Crisis 4, and there I learned that she does have a taste for shooting people. Must keep that in mind... heh.

Well, it's been a slow and arduous process for the both of us, adjusting to each other, but I daresay it's been a process worth pursuing, as to be honest, we've grown so much in the past six or so months in this relationship. Slowly but surely, I'm learning what it means to be patient, and my temper has been mellowing quite handily. Even Rowena herself was surprised at the restraint I practiced as a hundred opportunities to verbally trounce her presented themselves when I was on the defensive for being late yesterday, but I chose to let her have her say.

On the other hand, my Beloved has been learning how to keep pace with how my thought processes work. I'm not exactly what you would term a traditional thinker, so it behooves us to find ways to communicate often enough so that we'd both be in sync for the most part. I cannot thank her enough for the effort she's made in that regard.

This relationship has a long way to go, and I have so much more I wish to change about myself. I can only thank Rowena for the patience and love she has been giving me as I press on in spite of all the hurdles and issues that keep on cropping up from time to time.

Mondates are awesome. That only means that for once, I don't dread the start of the week.

What's even cooler is that next week, she plans to sit in on my Advanced Metaphysics class!

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