Wednesday, July 18, 2007


.:Toxicology Reports Are In:.

Chris Benoit had Xanax and testosterone in his bloodstream. The testosterone levels are off the wall, though. It’s insane, since the maximum limit in places like the NFL are 4:1, yet his ratio was 59:1. That’s way too much testosterone. Other than that, no anabolic steroids to speak of.

Hopefully, we can put the blame game to rest, because for all of WWE’s faults, it isn’t right to put the blame on them instead of the man who killed his own wife and son before killing himself.

He may have been one of my favorite wrestlers, but he is far, so far from being my favorite human being, and that fact will forever overshadow whatever achievements he may have had in the squared circle.

.:Speaking Of Toxins…:.

White Rabbit has Formalin! I can’t believe it! My childhood candy of choice, ripped to shreds!

This isn’t some forwarded e-mail I got. It’s something the BFAD discovered themselves recently.

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