Friday, July 06, 2007


.:Taste Asia Prelude:.

Well, I asked some bloggers if I can borrow some of their pics during the event where I found myself, so until I get granted that permission, my lenghty post on the event has to wait.

Nonetheless, much thanks to Aileen for organizing the event, not to mention the fine people from SM Hypermarket.

I had most of my post written down already, but I'd want to refine it a bit more, I guess. It felt too egotistic for my tastes. =P

And of course, I had to remember some more names so I can do some proper link-loving, and special mention goes to the emcees of last Tuesday's programme, JayVee and Sorsi, neither of whom will ever respect me again after my extended acapella videoke effort.

See you guys when I get to organize my thoughts!

P.S. Blogger isn't cooperating. LJ will have to serve my purposes for now.

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