Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Apparently, a good chunk of my other entries are still in my laptop at home, so this smattering of stuff that happened last week will hopefully suffice...

.:Speaking Of The Weekend...:.

Well, Saturday wasn't exactly as quiet as I remembered it, considering how I actually had a magic show in the afternoon for Alaska, who were rather finicky clients. Nonetheless, I acquited myself well enough as I performed what was mostly a children's party routine sprinkled with a bit of mentalism, and of course, a bit of Liquid Metal.

In any case, it's all good. My contact, May Zamora, was pretty funny as she kept on talking to me about all sorts of things, and it was incredibly funny how she described her encounter with Chiz Escudero. As she told me, she's a conservative girl, but if it were Chiz asking, she would drop all her values in a heartbeat. Sheer hilarity...

.:And... In My Attempt To Solve A Cube Blindfolded...:.

Sir Mike Limosnero, during last Sunday's Magic: The Gathering Tournament, attempted to pull one over me since he thought I was peeking through the blindfold. I felt his hands move, and realized he was actually covering the cube with his hands.

I finished the cube five minutes later, flooring him appropriately. Heh.

Apparently, not seeing was believing!

.:Sicker Than A Dog...:.

Sore throat, cough, colds. Is there anything I don't have at this point? I ended up taking an extra day off of work just so I can recover a bit, because everything is really erratic for me at this point. Ever since the unmentionable event happened, and the security threats it quietly presents to me, I guess I have to admit that I'm really confused over what I have to do next.

Things are weighing down on me but I'm more prepared to deal with them without throwing my hands up in the air to surrender in a huff. I feel way more confident and sure-footed that however bad as it may get, I can make it through with strength and a little bit of help from my friends.

The least I can do at this point once I've fully recovered is to help a certain friend out who feels to be frayed on the edges. It would certainly behoove me to be of help since it definitely takes my mind off of my own worries.

Needless to say, I was bedridden for most of yesterday. I've only really recovered now, and I'm still not at a full 100%.

.:Entire Week...:.

I was absent the entire week! I just couldn't get out of bed to go to work... it was *that* bad!

Sigh... there go my leaves...

And no, I couldn't bear to cut my classes, so being absent for WAVE did little to alleviate my health situation...

.:And Something About This Week So Far...:.

Well, Monday night with Mr. Calasanz was a really interesting class, and hanging out with Elbert was more of the same. We talked about a lot of stuff, and I guess it surprises me how he keeps things so bottled up. Isn't being the strong, brooding, silent type being the Alpha male?

Today, I survived a long test on Epistemology, though I don't know if I did excellently because I neglected to explain some things which in my mind I assumed to be givens already while I was answering the test.

I guess I just really enjoyed last Monday night's discussion on Metaphysics: that the entirety of this enterprise was founded on one simple but meaningful phrase...

That being is.

It may seem obvious, it may seem common sense, but while so much can be said about what a thing is, how something is done, and so forth, you can only say, on the most fundamental of levels, whether something is or is not, and afterwards, all you can do is unsay what has been said in the hopes of finding out more about the thing.

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