Friday, July 06, 2007

Taste Asia: The After Party

.:The After-Party, Part 1:.

In one go, my sterling reputation as magician/DJ/blogger extraordinaire? GONE

That picture above was originally from Juned, so great curses thanks to him! =P

Well, after the main party, there was the option for videoke, and from there, I promptly destroyed all respect anyone had for me as I sang “Endless Love” by Diana Ross and Lionel Richie on my own. This was followed by acapella rendition of every single song that came to mind on the spot, as I played Bumblebee for the few remaining bloggers who stayed on and put up with my horrid singing. I was halfway to losing my voice, after all.

Shari was also doing some singing of her own as well, but it was definitely far more acceptable than how my excuse for singing was... heh. Sorsi was telling me to go back to doing magic before her image of me becomes utterly destroyed. Whoops, too late!

It was also funny how she was gushing over my “expert fingers” though, as I demonstrated the Gryphon Roll for her, and how it just sounded wrong, coming from her. The innuendo was just real hilarious, and this, coming from Ms. “Baktong” herself... =P

.:The After-Party, Part 2:.

Soon enough, there was only myself, Jester, Doc Tess, Poell, Darwin, L.A., and Eric and we ended up going to Baywalk for a bit of a nightcap, where topics ranged from the mundane to the deep to the brilliant. It was definitely an awesome time for everyone there, and personally, Jester was quite a revelation. Apparently, alcohol can really make a person more intelligent, and he definitely seemed extremely eloquent, considering how much he had to drink.

After about several hours, we just called it a night, and left it at that. It was great hanging out with the other bloggers and just hearing their thoughts on random topics, because at the end of the day, these people have really awesome ideas and it'd be a shame if one would prevent one's self from hearing these very interesting, diverse, and impactful ideas, which would just be such a waste.

Ah, well. What happened at Baywalk, stays at Baywalk. 'Nuf said.

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l.a said...

I wanna C.R.U.S.H! Doc Tess was looking for that game. Addicted.