Friday, July 06, 2007

More On The Weekend...

.:Speaking Of The Weekend...:.

Well, Saturday wasn't exactly as quiet as I remembered it, considering how I actually had a magic show in the afternoon for Alaska, who were rather finicky clients. Nonetheless, I acquited myself well enough as I performed what was mostly a children's party routine sprinkled with a bit of mentalism, and of course, a bit of Liquid Metal.

In any case, it's all good. My contact, May Zamora, was pretty funny as she kept on talking to me about all sorts of things, and it was incredibly funny how she described her encounter with Chiz Escudero. As she told me, she's a conservative girl, but if it were Chiz asking, she would drop all her values in a heartbeat. Sheer hilarity...

.:And... In My Attempt To Solve A Cube Blindfolded...:.

Sir Mike Limosnero, during last Sunday's Magic: The Gathering Tournament, attempted to pull one over me since he thought I was peeking through the blindfold. I felt his hands move, and realized he was actually covering the cube with his hands.

I finished the cube five minutes later, flooring him appropriately. Heh.

Apparently, not seeing was believing!

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