Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The End Of An Era...

.:The End Of An Era...:.

After three years, I am finally bidding adieu to WAVE as a member of their on-air staff. It's been three years with them, and I can't say that I wouldn't miss being a DJ, although nobody said that once I leave, my radio career would be gone forever. You never know. Some other station might be interested in the near future, after all.

But I'm leaving because I need to, for my own sake. My health has been taking a hit in the graveyard shift, where I found myself floundering about for about two years already, despite repeated requests to be moved to other timeslots, since I certainly was getting sicker and sicker in this timeslot, and the company was ignoring my condition.

I got back to Ateneo after a year and a half of being out of the loop, fully intent on finishing my Masters once and for all. It was frustrating for me as I saw that WAVE continued putting me through the wringer as they asked me to take the timeslot or leave it, and refused to let me shift one day around, as I wanted Tuesdays off because of this schedule:

Monday - 6PM to 9PM
Tuesday - 7:30AM to 10:30AM

Given that class schedule, a show from 2-6AM in the middle was going to be murder. Well, guess what? WAVE insisted I do the show, regardless! On top of that, they decided to reformat my show without my consent because they put a contingency in case I resigned to turn the show into a special, talk-free program. But newsflash: I wasn't supposed to resign anymore! So why is the contingency plan still in place?!?

Well, that was the straw that broke this camel's back. It was a cheap insult: I DID NOT GRADUATE CUM LAUDE FROM THE ATENEO TO BECOME A GLORIFIED SPINNER!!! Yeah, call me arrogant, but I think you would be pissed off too, if you were in my place. I was hired as a radio announcer. WTF is a radio announcer doing in a silent show? Doesn't that defeat the purpose?

Well, I had enough. I stuck it out for the fact that I needed the money, but as I said often enough, the first opportunity that comes along to replace WAVE is an opportunity I will take. I'm done sacrificing other, more fulfilling careers for WAVE's sake, because clearly, they had better things to do than to keep a guy who busted his @$$ for them for three years happy. While they kept on saying they had no room for me in this slot or that slot, there they were, GIVING MY REQUESTED SLOT TO SOME NEW HIRE. Screw that. Screw being bypassed. Did it ever occur to them to just hire a new jock for the graveyard and move me where I asked instead?

Furthermore, they've been getting some of the jocks to teach students about radio. Let me think about this for a moment... why wasn't I part of this? Between me and any of the jocks in the entire station, I'm the one with the most qualifications to be a teacher, so why am I being bypassed again? Oh, right. Because it makes money, and if you're not part of the "clique", you don't get any chances to make extra money. You'll be bypassed over and over and over again.

Obviously, I'll be abandoning the Kel891 weblog once I'm done with the company. It's just fitting to do.

This is the end of an era, and good riddance. WAVE has shafted me for three long years, and I've stood all I can stand, and I can't stands no more.

Goodbye, WAVE. You can tell I'm glad to go, and I'm sure you're glad to see me go, all the same. You wouldn't know a good employee if it bit you in the nose, so I'm done with this farce. I deserved better, and soon enough, you'll find out the exact same thing.


Shari said...

WHat?! But but but I haven't even listened to you on the radio yet! I've known you for, what, 6 months? And I've never had a chance to tune in to your show. Oh, I'm an owl; I'm certainly awake every 2-6AM of the day. Sayang naman. But then, okay na rin siguro. I've heard you SING LIVE naman eh, haha.

But I read your blog regularly (except lately...just not in the mood, you know), and you mentioned about your health taking a beating from work, and Wave not exactly being receptive to your requests, so maybe it really is about time to say byebye to Wave.

Good luck, Marcelle. :)

Marcelle said...

Thanks, Shari!

You didn't miss much. Today's my last day on air, though.

And hey,you never know. I may just come back to radio in due time...