Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Hanging Out

.:Luna Lovegood Rocked:.

I'll mention that lest I forget that fact.

.:Music And Magic:.

Saturday night was a slow night for The Story Circle, but I still had a good enough time hanging out with the people, as I was still on a high about my last show.

In any case, it didn't take long before we quickly parted ways, and I ended up going to Music 21 with Elbert, Johan, and Myca, where we sang our hearts out. I did mostly novelty songs, and for some reason, I just really sing better when it's Michael V and not Gary V.

In any case, Saturday night was a slow night, but prior to that, my Saturday was just splendid, thanks to, of course, my Beloved.

.:New Worlds Alliance Sunday:.

I dropped in on the New Worlds Alliance exhibit last Sunday with Camy, and it was definitely a ton of fun. Hanging out with her and guys like Markpoa was awesome, not to mention the fact that I ended up meeting a lot of other people, and performing magic for Philippine Hogwarts members, which has to be some form of irony somewhere...

From there, I prepared for my teaching demo as well as my Monday class, and I ended up really exhausted, but that's a story that will have to wait. NWA was a handful, and it was loads of fun.

On that day, I really just prepared a few items I can use, and practiced my hypnotism effects, as it were. It was way fun, as I realized it was cheek that would carry me through. Blindsight and Liquid Metal were two big hits as well.

Aside from all of that, I also had a chance to try out Talecraft on the spot. I ended up creating a story based on the WWE, as Vince McMahon was the first name that came to mind upon reading "Evil Overlord" as one of the characters I must use for my story.

It was cool. People like Joy were there, as well as some other regular cosplayers, and all in all, it was a relaxed atmosphere that was perfect for me to do a bit more on-the-spot practice for my craft.

Amusingly enough, some people who didn't even know about this event but would fit right in the festivities showed up, namely Edj and Ash.

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