Thursday, July 12, 2007

My Beloved Rocks!

.:Why I Can't Get Enough Of Her...:.

My Beloved made a huge faux pas last weekend when she missent me a text message that pertained to me, and for the first time ever, admitted that she did something wrong, no questions asked.

There's just something so sincere and so earnest about Rowena that I can't help but love her even more, with each passing day. The genuine effort she puts into this relationship cannot be questioned and woe upon me if I even attempt to do that in the event we don't work out after all has been said and done.

While yes, this past weekend has been a series of mishaps for us and we never got to meet despite numerous opportunities to do so, I know that we've been learning to make this relationship work, and I no longer feel alone while going through this. It's rare that you find someone who works every bit as hard at a relationship as you do, and those people are the people worth holding onto.

.:This Week Was More Of The Same Happiness With Her...:.

Wednesday was a great time for her and I, although it was mostly just spent at my place where we just hung out and then I ended up leaving and going to Reedley where I had an interview to deal with. We were supposed to watch Friends, but instead, she was kind enough to do a majority of my playlists in my absence, and she's even helping me out a bit for my magic show. Heh.

Thursday, well, she had to defend me from some of her friends who were being judgmental of me. I really am just miffed at how insensitive these people can be.

You have no idea how grateful I am that she did. I feel bad that she ended up feeling bad because her friends think like that about me, though. I am urged to keep on improving myself just to let her friends know that I am worthy... I wish I could...

I'm hoping she can sit in on our class in Advanced Metaphysics before this semester ends, though to be honest, I can't really count on that much. Still, there's no harm in hoping...

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