Tuesday, July 03, 2007


.:I'm Flustered...:.

It's so weird suddenly having one less job on my plate, to say the least.

Nonetheless, I'm glad that I have the extra time, although I am still trying to find a way to help some of my friends out, as I feel really bad for the both of them. Such a shame it had to turn out that way.

In any case, last Friday was my last day at Jonas', and to correct my previous post, I watched Transformers on Friday night, not Saturday. That being said, Saturday was mostly non-happening, since after I met up with Cami, it turned out that TSC didn't have an EB that night. Oh, well.

That being said, Sunday was an M:TG tournament, and it was fun, but nothing special to write about, really. All in all, a very quiet weekend, and one that was most certainly... unproductive.

These abbreviated posts have to end soon.

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