Tuesday, July 17, 2007

A Mishmash

.:I Am Deeply Honored:.

While I have never met the man in person, it does my heart good to have received a comment from The Great Leodini on my Magikel blog. I am honored to hear from one of the luminaries of Philippine magic, to say the least.

.:Friday The 13th Was Actually Good:.

I won't go into detail, but last Friday's mentalist show went over very well, despite a number of kids in attendance. In fact, the kids were very pleased with the show, and this is considering that mentalism is generally regarded as the last kind of magic you'd want to do to entertain children.

In any case, my tripe-finale went with a very elaborate blindfold routine (20 cards, Rubik's cube), and then metal bending, and then the Pegasus Page Hypnosis effect. I went for over an hour, and I believe I acquitted myself well enough for that one.

Not having to contend with a microphone was a definite plus. Mic stands get in the way...

.:Order Of The Phoenix!:.

Better than the book, and the action was really fun. There are some minor gripes here and there, but my biggest problem is the fact that some characters are really looking too different from their book counterparts at this point. Daniel's too buff, Ron's too scraggly, Hermione's too hot, Ginny doesn't even look cute, and Cho Chang, bless her soul kept on losing her Scottish accent, thereby taking away 100,000,000 hotness points from her. She doesn't seem anywhere nearly as appealing without the Scottish accent.

The changes made from the book were necessary, but you still have that chop-chop feel where they just had to cram everything they could into the movie in the shortest amount of time possible. Nonetheless, I liked the film, and wouldn't mind seeing it again, if my Beloved agrees to watch it with me a second time.


My Beloved ended up in the emergency room last Saturday night because she went out while she was still sick.

I had a hand in that... I feel rather guilty, to be honest.

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