Friday, July 06, 2007

Random Stuff That Happened Over The Week...

.:Sicker Than A Dog...:.

Sore throat, cough, colds. Is there anything I don't have at this point? I ended up taking an extra day off of work just so I can recover a bit, because everything is really erratic for me at this point. Ever since the unmentionable event happened, and the security threats it quietly presents to me, I guess I have to admit that I'm really confused over what I have to do next.

Things are weighing down on me but I'm more prepared to deal with them without throwing my hands up in the air to surrender in a huff. I feel way more confident and sure-footed that however bad as it may get, I can make it through with strength and a little bit of help from my friends.

The least I can do at this point once I've fully recovered is to help a certain friend out who feels to be frayed on the edges. It would certainly behoove me to be of help since it definitely takes my mind off of my own worries.

Needless to say, I was bedridden for most of yesterday. I've only really recovered now, and I'm still not at a full 100%.

.:Entire Week...:.

I was absent the entire week! I just couldn't get out of bed to go to work... it was *that* bad!

Sigh... there go my leaves...

And no, I couldn't bear to cut my classes, so being absent for WAVE did little to alleviate my health situation...

.:Rain Gets To Me...:.

Weather last Thursday was wacky as Hades. It was raining so hard half the time, the other half, it was just scorching hot.

I spent most of my day hanging out at the Fine Arts Lounge, and on my way home supposedly, I ran into Meggy, whom I performed Liquid Metal for a few weeks ago. We just bonded andf chatted, really, so it was all good.

I ran into Edjie (Edjie is easier to say for me than Alodia, for some reason.) a couple of times throughout the day though, and we had an interesting short chat over SMS that night. Nothing particularly earth-shattering, really.

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