Wednesday, February 10, 2010

In Anticipation Of A Heavy Week...

.:It’s A Heavy Week Coming Up...:.

Without getting too pic-heavy just yet, my weekend last week started off really awesome with me hanging out with a few bloggers last Friday in Mall Of Asia. The very cordial people from Bistro Ravioli let us try their food, and I must say, I am officially a big fan of their food now, more so when I discovered they have a branch in Robinson’s Galleria.

Saturday saw me in Don Bosco Sta. Mesa for their homecoming, “Diyes Is It”. I have to say that it was an awesome moment as I saw old classmates and friends, and felt like I took a time machine to the intense but memorable days of my high school.

This week, I find myself preparing for a lot of stuff, especially since I’m writing this in Alchemy right now, in preparation for my standup comedy set tonight. I’m also looking forward to catching APO Hiking Society’s farewell Valentine show, so there’s that, too.

Nonetheless, with new jokes to try out, a lot of work on my plate, not to mention a booking on Valentine’s day itself, I must say that it’s been a pretty crazy week so far. And it’s not yet even halfway done!

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