Monday, February 22, 2010

Project 365 (53/365): Wayne Houchin's French Kiss

.:53/365: Wayne Houchin’s French Kiss:.

Do I have your attention now?

This routine takes a lot of cojones to pull off on a complete stranger, but it’s powerful, and has all the tools you need to really establish rapport.

First of all, the routine itself is very suggestively titled, and with good reason. For all intents and purposes, you are performing a very simple transpo routine, but with a very powerful twist that they would never expect.

Secondly, like most firestarter routines, there is some measure of physical contact involved, and it’s extremely pronounced here because you have to stare into each other’s eyes, and hold hands, as if to establish a kind of connection that allows you to transpose one card to the other.

Lastly, there is a very suggestive form of transference going on. While physically, your lips don’t touch, it appears to the girl that somehow, the card in her mouth has switched out for the card in yours, all without you doing anything except that very suggestive move of “swallowing” the card. It takes a true performer to pull it off and still come off as seductive, but that’s why I showed you Wayne Houchin’s version as the perfect model to follow.

This is a very easy routine if you have even basic knowledge of card magic. It will require you to destroy two cards in the deck, but that’s fine, if you want to really impress someone with a very direct and leading routine that is an absolute firestarter, in my book. If I actually used magic to score dates, this would probably be one of the routines in my arsenal, and I’d ask the girl to sign her phone number in the calling card. That way, we’d technically have exchanged numbers already by the end of the trick. If she keeps the card, you know you have one foot in the door.

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