Friday, February 19, 2010

Project 365 (50/365): The Quixotic Ultimate Transpo

.:50/365: The Quixotic Ultimate Transpo:.

Oz Pearlman was the first guy I learned this from.

Imagine selecting a card, and then holding it between your hands. Imagining selecting another card and keeping a close eye on it.

Faster than the eye can see, the card in your hands is now the second card you selected, and the magician is holding the card you selected.

Sounds like a standard card routine for either card magic or street magic month, right? Except most magicians have been using it as the perfect gauge to measure how interested a girl prospect is in them by maintaining contact throughout the routine for as long as possible without any awkwardness arising from it.

Ever noticed magicians who seem to be holding hands with a female volunteer a bit longer than necessary? Some magicians may use that to establish a character, or they might actually be trying to see what their odds are with the girl if they held contact for as long as they can.

This is a strong magic routine, to begin with, and one of the most revered routines in a street magician’s inventory. With so many different variations you wouldn’t know where to begin counting, this being February means we’d like to take a look at the ultimate transpo routine as a means to maintain not just physical contact with a girl, but eye to eye contact all the same, as you insist that they not let the card elude their grasp yet you’re going to do whatever it takes to slip past her defences.

If you’re a bit on the corny side, you can then shift the conversation after this to the emotional defences she puts into place and how willing you are to do what it takes to get past them as well. It’s a silly, tongue-in-cheek line, but if you’re earnest enough about it and you’re actually a pretty suave magician, it will work.

Now, if you don’t even know how to do the Ultimate Transpo (Or the Here and There, if you’re more familiar with the routine by this name.), then there’s a high chance you shouldn’t be using magic to woo a girl and stick to your other strengths instead.

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